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CCW: Excellent Entertainment In 20 Minutes

Yep, that’s how long Coastal Championship Wrestling need. Just like last week. Because CCW has the matches to pick and on YouTube they choose the goodies to make us feel good.

This week, 2 matches as usual, one wrestling brilliance, and one wrestling event.

The Wrestling Brilliance of Jackal Stevens vs ERA

The CCW Southeastern Championship is on the line. Jackal does that dance, the one when you’re on your haunches and you’re kicking your legs out – I couldn’t do that even when I was 20, he does it on the way to the ring. The fans love it and I’m a bit of a fan too.

Here we have two pretty evenly matched fighters, ERA brought it and it was mighty fine.

We knew we were in for something special when Stevens took a massive tumble over the ring steps right into the camera, ERA then hit a sweet as sugar Draping DDT but only got a long 2 count.

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If ERA thought Stevens was done, he showed that wasn’t the case when he caught ERA off the top, synched him up to a Fireman’s Carry and planted him with a resounding UshiGoroshi. Fabulous.

Throw in an ERA Twisting Suplex, Stevens Powerbomb for a very long 2 count and ERA’s own long 2 after a ‘Rana off the top and running Clothesline.

The end was a little confused. ERA grabbed a chair. Ref Amy Veronica took it from him. He picked up the belt. Amy talked him out of it. Stevens picked up the belt, which was OK because he has these naughty moments, missed his opponent and laid out the Ref.

So a different Ref counted Stevens’ Olympic Slam. But Amy got her wits about her and gave the match to ERA via DQ, as she probably remembered a belt smashing into her nose. Funny that…

ERA celebrated, but he isn’t a year 1 wrestler. He knows you don’t get the belt that way. Stop smiling, your waist is empty.

That ending didn’t spoil a great match, thankfully. Stevens is a hard to fathom, confounding champ and a good one. Like to see him do that dance after the match, though.

And now to the Wrestling Entertainment portion of the programme. That man is huge. And he has a bone, very Moondogs. He has a manager, more like a handler. And a security detail; who’s going to attack him?

Beastman v Florida Man TC Read

Both are Men. One is a Beast. My money’s on him.

And yet Read had a go with Uppercuts and a Dropkick before being smashed to the mat by a Shoulder Block.

Hang on, the big man isn’t going up, is he? He is, you know, to the top…and when he came off, it was classy. He targeted Read’s chest, sat on it but immediately hopped off – brutal but really safe and so good to see. The pin came shortly after.

Expected, but Read had some offence and this was a wrestling event more than a wrestling match. It was made to get Beastman over; the job was done, after all, attacking the security that arrived with you after the match finished will do that for you…

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Beastman lands Credit; shot of the show from YouTube

So Why Is CCW Hot?

They know how to schedule matches for their programmes.

They have the variety to please.

They don’t overburden us. 20 minutes or so is 21st Century ready.

CCW seem a bit special. So energetic. So sure of themselves.

So watch it on YouTube…

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