Stardom Unit Rankings: The Summer 2022 Edition

It’s been seven long months since I last did a rankings for the World Wonder Ring Stardom units and that’s largely due to mental health issues and writers block. It’s effected everything I was working on and had planned for the year. At some point, For the Love of Joshi and all my other projects will be returning to a more consistent and regular release schedule. I do apologize to everyone I work with and everyone who has looked forward to my coverage of not only Stardom but also Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling.

With that out of the way, a lot has changed in the last seven months when it comes to the Units of Stardom. A new unit has been formed, there have been some defections and even some mergers. So, believe it or not, the rankings for the Summer of 2022 will look vastly different than how they looked back in December, when I last did them. So, without further ado, here are your current rankings for Stardom’s many units.

#6. God’s Eye | Members: Syuri (L), Ami Sourei & Mirai

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The newest Stardom unit makes its debut at number six for this ranking. Led by Syuri, the current World of Stardom Champion, God’s Eye is the newest and also least populated unit in the company. It was formed after Syuri won the World of Stardom Championship from Utami Hayashishita at Stardom Dream Queendom on December 29, 2021.

Syuri felt underrated as being a normal member of Donna Del Mondo. After several months, she showed her dissatisfaction to the leader Giulia. Even breaking up their “AliKaba” tag team on March 21, 2022, at Stardom in Nagoya, announcing that she wants her own path so she would hire herself a bodyguard.

On the first night of the Stardom World Climax on March 26, 2022, after successfully defending the World of Stardom Championship against Giulia, Syuri officially resigned from Donna Del Mondo and revealed her new unit’s official name as “God’s Eye” also revealing Ami Sourei as being her bodyguard and implicitly the stable’s first member besides her. On the first night of the Stardom Cinderella Tournament 2022 on April 3, Syuri defeated Sourei in a first round tournament match, and after her victory, Mirai came out to announce her resignation from Donna Del Mondo and joined God’s Eye.

God’s Eye has a long way to go before they can be considered for the top unit spot in Stardom, but they are off to a decent start. All three members will also be competing in the 5 Star Grand Prix this year and looking to get some momentum going.

Championships Currently Held:

Syuri | World of Stardom Champion

#5. Donna del Mondo | Members: Giulia (L), Maika, Himeka, Thekla & Mai Sakurai

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My how the mighty have fallen. Donna del Mondo nearly dethroned Oedo Tai in my last rankings. They had momentum, they had new members, hell they had a lot of the gold in Stardom. Unfortunately, Giulia and her group have been rocked by defections and betrayal.

First it was Syuri and Mirai forming the God’s Eye unit back in March and more recently, longtime members Natsupoi betrayed Giulia in an elimination match to join with the Cosmic Angels. These defections and the loss of not only the World of Stardom title, but also the SWA and the Artist of Stardom titles have dropped DDM to nearly dead last when it comes to how the rankings shape up this summer.

Can they overcome these betrayals and regain their momentum?

They absolutely can. Giulia is one of the clear favorites to win the 5 Star Grand Prix this year and should she do that, that will help to start righting the sinking ship that has become Donna del Mondo. They are also bolstered since all 5 members remaining have qualified and will be competing in the 5 Star GP this year. They have a long way to go, unfortunately, and it starts with gaining some gold.

Championships Currently Held: None

#4. Queen’s Quest | Members: Utami Hayashishita (L), Saya Kamitani, AZM, Hina, Lady C & Miyu Amasaki

image 3

Despite having two championships in the fold right now, I can’t give Queen’s Quest a higher ranking than number four at the moment. It’s unfortunate because they’ve regained a lot of momentum since Momo Watanabe’s betrayal last December.

AZM is the current High Speed Champion and Saya Kamitani has been one hell of a Wonder of Stardom Champion. Plus, adding Lady C and Miyu Amasaki to the fold was a really smart move for the Queen’s. Especially since they found themselves further bolstered by the return of Hina.

There’s a good chance that the Queen’s can once again reign supreme as the top unit in Stardom, but it is going to take a lot of work. For them, it starts quite simply. They need a very strong showing from AZM, Utami and Saya in the 5 Star GP this year, the only three members to qualify for the tournament.

Championships Currently Held:

AZM | High-Speed Championship

Saya Kamitani | Wonder of Stardom Championship

#3. Oedo Tai | Members: Natsuko Tora (L), Starlight Kid, Momo Watanabe, Saki Kashima, Rina, Ruaka & Fukigen Death


Oedo Tai absolutely dominated Stardom in 2021, even winning the best unit award for the year. Unfortunately for them, this year they have not quite found the footing they were hoping to grasp to keep their momentum going. If I were to use my personal bias here, Oedo Tai would absolutely continue to reign supreme over Stardom, but facts are facts. Natsuko Tora is still out with injury, having torn ligaments in her knee last year against Utami Hayashishita. She’s well on her way to returning however, and the rest of the gang has held the fort down admirably in her absence.

There is currently one title being held by Oedo Tai, the Artist of Stardom Championship, but there needs to be more for this group of chaotic misfits. Unfortunately for OT, only Momo Watanabe, Starlight Kid and Saki Kashima will participate in the 5 Star this year. They will need a strong showing if Oedo Tai hopes to regain the top spot later this year.

Championships Currently Held:

Momo Watanabe, Starlight Kid, Saki Kashima | Artist of Stardom Champion

#2. Cosmic Angels | Members: Tam Nakano (L), Mina Shirakawa, Unagi Sayaka, Waka Tsukiyama, Natsupoi, Saki, Hikari Shimizu, Rina Amikura & Yuko Sakurai

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The Cosmic Angels have really turned it around after the defection of Mai Sakurai to Donna del Mondo. Sure, they currently don’t hold any of the championships in Stardom but they have found themselves as being the most populated group in the company.

On June 5th, Tam and company found themselves adding four members to the group. At Stardom in Korakuen Hall on June 5, 2022, Unagi Sayaka, Tam Nakano, and Mina Shirakawa defeated Color’s (Saki, Hikari Shimizu, and Yuko Sakurai) in a loser joins the enemy unit. The three announced that they would compete as a sub-unit in the future, and Rina Amikura was also reported to have joined Angels due to being part of Color’s at that time. To put the icing on the cake, longtime member of Donna del Mondo Natsupoi defected and joined the Angels after a series of matches against Tam Nakano.

At Mid Summer Champions in Tokyo, the first event of the Stardom Mid Summer Champions which took place on July 9, 2022, Tam Nakano, Unagi Sayaka, Mina Shirakawa, Saki, and Hikari Shimizu challenged Giulia, Maika, Himeka, Natsupoi, and Mai Sakurai in an elimination tag team match. Natsupoi betrayed Donna Del Mondo by attacking Giulia mid-match, attracting Donna Del Mondo’s loss. Natsupoi subsequently joined Cosmic Angels in the process.

Mina Shirakawa, Natsupoi, Tam Nakano, Unagi Sayaka, and Saki have all been announced for the 5 Star Grand Prix this year and look to keep their momentum going.

Championships Currently Held: None

#1. STARS Members: Mayu Iwatani (L), Hazuki, Koguma, Hanan, Saya Iida & Momo Kohgo

image 5

So who has the top spot so far in 2022? It’s none other than STARS!

It’s taken a long time for Mayu Iwatani to lead the unit back to the top spot, but she has done it with some of the best women to be in the unit in some time. They have three of the company’s championships, five of the members will be participating in the 5 Star Grand Prix this year and they’ve got a ton of momentum behind them right now.

How did they go from nearly dead last back in December to being the best unit in Stardom?

Well, it’s simple really. Hanan has eight title defenses so far in her 198+ day reign as Future of Stardom Champion. Hazuki and Koguma (FWC) are in their second reign as Goddess of Stardom Champions, with a combined reign of 147+ days and five defenses. Add to that Mayu Iwatani is in her first reign as SWA World Champion with 71+ days reigning and one defense so far.

Mayu Iwatani is also the first woman in the company’s history to win every major title and tournament in the company, those being the World Title (2x), Wonder Title (2x), Artists (5x), Goddess (2x), High Speed (1x), and SWA Championships (1x) while also winning the Cinderella Tournament (2x), Goddess Tag League (2x) and the 5 Star Grand Prix (1x). STARS are back where they belong, the pinnacle of Stardom excellence and it will take a lot of work from any other unit to take this honor from them.

Championships Currently Held:

Hanan | Future of Stardom

Mayu Iwatani | SWA World Championship

FWC (Hazuki & Koguma) | Goddess of Stardom

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