Every Four Horsemen Member Ranked From WORST To BEST

When it comes to the top factions in wrestling history, there is only one viable group that could fulfill that assignment: the Four Horsemen. Whether most popular, most talent-packed, or most enduring, the Four Horsemen stable (pun intended) has proved itself to be one of the greatest triumphs in modern wrestling. So, of the 15 different individuals officially recognised as Horsemen, which were the best and which were plain foal? 

Note: For this list, we will discount valets and managers such as Woman, Debrah McMichael, and J.J. Dillon. Excluded too are unofficial associates such as Kendall Windham, Michael “P.S.” Hayes, and War Machine (Ray “Big Boss Man” Traylor). 

#15. Paul Roma 

paul roma 4 horsemen Cropped
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Now, this is to take nothing away from Paul Roma, who was a talented hand in both the Young Stallions and Power & Glory in the WWF’s mid-card scene. Yet that did not prevent him from becoming the most infamously miscast Horsemen. 

In 1993, Flair returned to WCW after his memorable WWF tenure came to an end. Joining Flair were both Andersons and new WCW signee Paul Roma. Originally, the other member was supposed to be Tully Blanchard to reprise an old Horsemen iteration but underwhelmed by the offered deal, WCW scrambled for a replacement so, at Slamboree, Roma was pushed in. He just did not fit and having a reputation as mid-card at best and serving as enhancement talent for years made his appointment all the worse. 

Trying to get Roma over failed to connect although he won the WCW World Tag Team titles with Arn. If anything, it really hindered the legitimacy of the group with Flair going as far as to say it “tainted” the faction.  

#14. Jeff Jarrett 

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Ha ha, no. 

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