Ranking Every Faction In AEW Currently

From the Blackpool Combat Club to the JAS, AEW has made sure factions have been at the forefront of their storylines and biggest moments. Some have come and gone very quickly while some have lingered on past their sale-by date. Not included in this list are the newly formed faction of Trustbusters and La Faccion Ingobernable, both are just building and we don’t have much to go on as of right now. The Wingmen are also not included, that is more to do with being AEW Dark regulars who I haven’t seen much of. But who is the best faction in AEW right now and who could do with some work?

#10. The Factory

QT Marshall The Factory

The Factory might be one of the teams that lose the most but if you need good solid workers who know how to get a crowd to boo them, they are your guys. They have the core four of the team, Q.T. Marshell, Aaron Solo, Nick Comoroto, and Anthony Ogogo while also recruiting new members as of late. They seem to have taken on a hired gun persona as of late, working for Powerhouse Hobbs in his feud with Ricky Starks, only time will tell how successful this is. Q.T. Marshell is an unsung hero of AEW’s lower to mid-card and is pushing The Factory forward, even if everyone just wants to boo them.

#9. The Dark Order

brodie lee dynamite

Maybe? It seems as of right now The Dark Order is being fazed out, this really sucks for their fans but maybe they have run their course. The group was a fan together I just hope that a new incarnation can be established with whoever is left.

And what do you know The Dark Order has risen from the ashes of the last year and a half to make it to the RAMPAGE final of the AEW World Trios Championship Tournament and with ‘Hangman’ Adam Page by their side, I think they might just go on to win the whole thing. First, they have to get past The Best Friends and then defeat The ELITE at All Out this weekend, not an easy task but if anyone can do it, it will be one of the remaining pillars of the company when it comes to factions.


#8. Jericho Appreciation Society [JAS]

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One of the worst factions in AEW right now, they don’t quite have the magic or that special something that the Inner Circle had in abundance. The team right now feels bloated and despite having great workers such as Sammy Guevara, Danial Garcia, and 2.0 within their ranks, there doesn’t seem to be much of a direction for them.

Tay Mello, formerly Conti, joined next and became for of a valet than a wrestler, though that seems to be changing now. Anna Jay has also now joined the group which is really sad and she feels less interesting or important now than when she was in the Dark Order. Chris Jericho and Jake Hager are also knocking about but it seems to be all about Jericho and for me personally, I’m very tired of the JAS.

#7. The Baddies

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The Baddies are relatively new and need time to develop but they could be a powerful force within the women’s division, a division that desperately needs something new and exciting. With the introduction of Stokley Hathaway as Jade’s manager and the possibility of Sonny Kiss coming in as a fourth member, despite recently joining the Trustbusters, it feels like things are moving in the right direction.

The Baddies are the only all-female faction, other than Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter, and Rebel, on the roaster. Baker’s faction isn’t included on this list as they don’t seem to have what the other factions or The Baddies have, mainly a name or more members. Now back to the faction at hand, Jade was soon joined by Kiera Hogan and Red Velvet, who is currently out injured, but that hasn’t stopped their rise to prominence. Leila Grey is the newest addition to the team and hopefully, there could be more on the way.

I really love The Baddies and despite Jade Cargill being “That Bitch” and being a little mean at times to Grey it is refreshing to see a group of women support one another’s careers and be dominant at the same time. If the women were to get a third championship then The Baddies are good candidates for the first holders of those belts.

#6. Death Triangle

AEW Dynamite Death Triangle

One of the few factions that have stood the test of time, it feels like Death Triangle is always just on the cusp of something. The Lucha Bros’ AEW Tag Team Championship run was cut short due to an injury to Rey Fenix while they have had a stop-and-start run as a whole due to PAC being stuck in the UK. Now that the team is reunited and PAC is the All-Atlantic Champion, about to face off against Kip Sabian at All Out this weekend, after a long feud with House of Black the world of AEW is theirs for the taking.

#5. Team TAZ aka Team FTW

Credit; AEW

Team Taz disbanded in the last month, very much to the sadness of myself, and many others, but I am still including them here. I made this list when the group was a unit so I want to explain why I love Team Taz and why I’m so sad they are no more.

Team Taz had a bit of a rocky start but with Hobbs, Starks, and Hook it seems that they have finally got their groove. Brain Cage was never a good fit for the team, but these three became something I looked forward to every week. Hook is the current FTW champion while Hobbs turned on Starks and the two are about to face off at All Out. Taz on the other hand is now a huge presence on AEW commentary creating one of the best duos in history alongside Excaliber. It’s sad that this team is no more, cause I think they really could have done more.

#4. Best Friends: AEW’s Heart & Soul


The Best Friends are also a lot of fun and have such a great connection. They are the kind of group that will stand the test of time in AEW and with their links to CHAOS who else will turn up as a part of the group?

Kris Statlander is currently out injured, again, and we all wish her a speedy recovery. On the other side, there is Trent, Chucky T, and Orange Cassidy, forming a trio and competing in the AEW World Trios Championship tournament. Danhausen seems to have aligned himself with the group, which is a fun addition, he also has an odd couple relationship with the former member of Team Taz, Hook.

#3. The Undisputed ELITE


This faction is just a fun time isn’t it, with both tag teams fighting over the love of Adam Cole it will only be a matter of time before something goes wrong. As it so happens, as we sit here it seems The Undisputed ELITE is no more. Back on 4th August, the Undisputed side of the team turned on Matt and Nick Jackson, setting themselves up for Trios Championship success and the huge return of Omega to join the Young Bucks once again in The ELITE.

The problem is while The ELITE seems to be thriving and Kenny Omega has returned with a fully formed story arch, The Undisputed trio has had some major setbacks. Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly are currently out with injuries while Bobby Fish’s contract is running out soon, if not already and he might not be being re-signed. this would be a real blow to the obvious storyline that could blossom from The ELITE winning the AEW World Trios Championships.

#2. House Of Black

Double or Nothing 2022 House of Black scaled

The House Of Black is another faction that started out slow but is growing steadily with the introduction of Julia Hart, this group has upped its numbers and deadliness level. Malikai Black made the jump to AEW and entered into the third phase of the character he has cultivated in both WWE and the indie wrestling scene. Soon he was reunited with his former tag team partner Brody King and as they dominated their opponents a new member would appear Buddy Mathewes, forming a truly menacing team who would set their sites on Death Triangle. Hopefully, the trio will be active members of the newly formed trios division.

#1. Blackpool Combat Club

FB IMG 1661498733411
Credit; AEW

The best faction in AEW right now with their numbers growing steadily with thought and care. First, we had the joining of two of the biggest stars to jump ship from WWE to AEW, Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson. Then the wonderfully divine William Regal came in as their manager and trainer. Wheeler Yuta would join soon enough with Claudio Castagnoli rounding out the five. With three championships in their position, the AEW World Championship, the ROH World Championship, and the ROH Pure Championship is there anything they can’t achieve together?

Well, there are a few things, adding in a female element would make it interesting, and having that woman win a championship would be even better. What about the elephant in the room, Danial Garcia, someone who the group has had their eyes on for a while, seems to be embracing the wrestler in himself as opposed to the ‘Sports Entertainer’ Chris Jericho wants him to be. Garcia has faced Yuta for his championship and will do it again before All Out this weekend. Garcia and Danilson would be a great team who could and should challenge for one of FTR’s Tag Team Championships.

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