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Stardom 5 Star Grand Prix: Night 10 to 14

Night 14: September 12th, 2022 | Risa Sera Upsets AZM While Tam Nakano vs Unagi Sayaka Comes Out On Top

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Natsupoi def. Hanan
Mina Shirakawa def. Ami Sourei
Saki def. Saki Kashima
Saya Iida def. Hazuki
Utami Hayashishita def. Mai Sakurai
Syuri def. Momo Kohgo
Risa Sera def. AZM
Tam Nakano def. Unagi Sayaka
Mayu Iwatani def. Suzu Suzuki

In the final night of our catch-up, we had nine matches in the Grand Prix with some really insane action. Whether it was the Risa Sera upset win over AZM or the absolute barn burner that was Mayu Iwatani vs Suzu Suzuki, you were given nine solid and really fun matches to watch here on Night 14. That said, your match of the night goes to two ladies from the same unit..

Match of the Night: Tam Nakano vs Unagi Sayaka


Tam Nakano and Unagi Sayaka gave us nearly eleven minutes of action here and it was simply awesome to watch. Unagi seems to always be a thorn in Tam’s side when they are in the ring together and they put on some really good matches together. Tam got the win this time, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying on Unagi’s part. She took Tam to the limit and came up short, but she can at least keep her head held high after that gutsy performance. A close runner-up for MotN honors was Mayu Iwatani vs Suzu Suzuki.

Upset of the Night: Risa Sera def. AZM


I almost gave the upset honors to Saya Iida for her victory over Hazuki, but I couldn’t do it. Hazuki has lost three straight matches with the loss to Iida and her momentum has seemingly come to a sudden and violent stop. By contrast, AZM should have been heavily favored to defeat the upstart Risa Sera in their match. She had the most momentum of anyone in the tournament going into the match and yet, Sera reversed the Azumi Sushi for the surprise win. This was a lot of fun to watch and honestly, the entire card was insanely good.

There you go folks, you’re now all caught up with the 5 Star Grand Prix. I will bring you the remaining cards as I can. See you at the next one!

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