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CCW Championship Night

A Story Of 2 Belts

Firstly, KiLynn King’s CCW Women’s title. A tough beat for her as it’s a Triple Threat, so she’ll have to dominate to keep hold of the gold.

Luckily, King is an incredibly strong champ and an impressive one too, her defences have been fantastic to watch and her brutal cage match with Marina Tucker is one CCW are rightly proud of.

Tucker hasn’t been seen in CCW since that match, but here she is, along with Ashley D’Amboise; this was going to be good.

It’s all about choices, when Tucker made the decision to pieface King at the start of the match, she must have known it would have had consequences and yes indeed, KiLynn and Ashley worked together on a wheelbarrow slam on Tucker, after D’Amboise had soaked up some ‘Let’s Go Ashley’ chants.

CCW Women's title match

Credit; CCW

To be fair, King did most of the eye-catching work here, including a Vertical Suplex which D’Amboise blocked so she changed it into a sweet Neckbreaker, an Electric Chair to Snake Eyes, then a stupendous Tower Of Doom where she was almost on her back but managed to Suplex her two opponents out of the corner.

CCW champ KiLynn King Hits A Fabulous Move

Credit; CCW

Wasn’t all King though, Tucker hit a double Missile Dropkick and the D’Amboise running Spinning Neckbreaker was sweet.

The end? A wrestling entertainment excellence; King in control, hitting what was less a Michinoku Driver and more of a Michinoku Throw to D’Amboise and that should have been that…

If it wasn’t for Tucker…

New CCW Women's Champ

Credit; CCW

And New!..

Tucker aimed a kick at King which sent the champ out of the ring and then claimed the pin on the prone D’Amboise.

Tucker regains the belt and I don’t mind at all. One, because Tucker is a great wrestler and character. Two, because the marches with her, D’Amboise and King are going to be superb.

As CCW put it;

‘The Marina Tucker-KiLynn King feud stole many of the headlines in CCW throughout the first half of 2022. As the calendar winds toward 2023, are we going to see these two battle it out over the top prize in the CCW women’s division yet again? King has an argument for a rematch, as she was never pinned or submitted as champion.’

Will The Tag Titles Go The Same Way?

When looking at the Qrown, Leonis Khan and Maximus Khan, it was easy to think so. But Elevated Status usually find a way to hold onto their gold and had the arrogance to go with it.

And Jonny Nova was handled by Leonis very easily, followed by a double Qrown hiptoss.

There may have been much more action, but after an edit, ERA was put over the top and seemingly out by a Leonis clothesline.

And as he and his partner prepared for the end with a huge double team Biel to Nova, ERA returned and placed his forearm between his opponent’s legs at some speed.

CCW Champs Retain

Credit; CCW

It was right in front of the ref too, who had no choice but to DQ him. And that means they kept the belts.

It’s the champ’s advantage and Elevated Status know how to use it, wrestling smarts are their business.

And CCW’s Business Too

Marvellous matches yet again. This is a regular thing with CCW and that was on the cards tonight too.

Two wrestling entertainment finishes from two different matches with one thing in common – enjoyment.

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