Memphis Wrestling: HoHoHo Hardcore

It’s The Most Wonderful Time…

Last year The Posse ruined Christmas for Memphis Wrestling. They dressed at Santa and Santa Grinch, opened their pressies, found a skateboard and used it; not to get hang time, to brutalise.

The Posse were here this Christmas, but the feeling was more convivial.

Tommy Dreamer’s Here!

Tommy Dreamer at Memphis Wrestling

Credit; Fredstyle88/Five Starr Fan Cam

And he really knew what he was doing. He interrupted the Rev Ash Taylor who was getting on the Memphis Wrestling faithful’s nerves, he then spoke to him without a mic present so we couldn’t hear and then just clocked him in the face!

Hardcore Happenings followed, like smacking Taylor with a trash can and leading him round the ring, ending with his foot on Taylor’s head.

Yep, at the lectern. And then he reminded us that watching Memphis Wrestling made him a wrestler and prasied both the Lord and Wrestling, in that order.

Reverend Ash Taylor Down On Memphis Wrestling

Credit; Fredstyle88/Five Starr Fan Cam

As guests go, his intervention was pretty near perfect. And he wasn’t finished…

Ho Ho Ho

John Dalton wasn’t there, he was with his dad after the nasty attack from nefarious Memphis Wrestling Heritage champ Mike Anthony.

And so Derrick and Ray Ray Sanders – PUT SOME RESPECT ON THAT MAN’S NAME – are here to collect their Trios rings. And Santa himself is delivering them!

It’s a nice touch. Derrick, who has been a storied wrestler in the Memphis Wrestling area for years, takes it in his stride, but Ray? He seems absolutely delighted, so sweetly that it seems an absolute charm.

Ray Ray Sanders Delighted With His Memphis Wrestling Trios Ring

Credit; Fredstyle88/Five Starr Fan Cam

But don’t relax, Team Wrestlecenter, the Hollywood Clique have a No1 contenders match, Jimmy Blaylock told grinning Van Viscioussssssssss and Cage, but there’s only 2…it’s Trios. There will need to be a recruitment; that will be interesting and my money is Jason Genesis. And talking of Jason…

Genesis Is Thrown To The Lions

Well, Bret ‘Every Ross Has It’s Thorn’ Michaels anyway. Genesis had a good go though, working on Bret’s lariat arm and rolling out after tasting the Spinebuster because he knew the Gunshow Lariat was next.

The ending was odd and messed with wrestling tropes a bit. Genesis’ wrestling partner Goddess distracted Michaels and you would expect Genesis to steal the pin, but despite the help, he still got hit by thd lariat as he ran in.

Fun while it lasted!

The Problem Child Made His Mark

Since going bad, attacking his Memphis Wrestling tag partner Zay Washington and attaching himself to a manager Justin Case (love that name), Aaron Roberts, the Problem Child, has been a player. He defaced the Internet Championship belt and last week caused Zay to lose it, Tim Bosby surprisingly the new holder.

And this week, Case, who I don’t think we’ve heard speak before and Roberts wanted 2 things:

A Hair v Hair match with Zay – they both have hair but neither has a lustrous thatch

A title Memphis Wrestling Internet title match with Tim Bosby – he isn’t the No1 contender officially, but he’s made enough of a hullabaloo, that may be academic

And so, here comes Bosby, with the belt which still has the black spray paint Roberts defaced it with weeks ago – you would have thought he’d have changed the strap if he thought he was going to keep it for a while…

Tim Bosby With The Memphis Wrestling Internet Championship Strap

Credit; Fredstyle88/Five Starr Fan Cam

Roberts hit a huge clothesline and chop on the outside in the early going, but Bosby got it back in the ring and won a long 2 count for a Suplex with Bridge.

And then Zay arrived – you didn’t expect him to take Aaron’s messing lying down, did you? Spinning Kick and Bosby took the opportunity to leave with the title.

I like the way this Bosby as great wrestler with feet of clay is progressing. I also like the way that Zay accepted the hair v hair…someone is going to be colder soon.

The Posse Plan To Ruin Christmas Again

They are the tag team champs. But they aren’t happy. The Posse are absolutely on point as bad guy champs in Memphis Wrestling.
Here, their promo really worked
Black and White
On the street
Raining hard
And then?
Santa pops up
He isn’t there by choice. He’s there because the Posse demanded it. Perhaps with menaces.
Have they captured Christmas?

Great promo, great tag team

Hardcore Holiday

Brad Skimahorn calls himself ‘main event Bradley’ and here he is, in the main event.

And what a main event it was, a Hardcore match with Tommy Dreamer. I felt blessed, two great Hardcore matches recently, this and the one between Jacob Reid and Sebastian Mercer for UKW.

Here? Brad tried to bail, but his now estranged cousin Mikey threw him back in. Brad then tried the handshake offer, Dreamer sold it, then shook the hand and bit the fingers – a nice subversion.

Dreamer even involved a fan, he’s here every week, Memphis Wrestling head honcho Dustin Starr identified him as Crazy Mike, who held up a trash can lid for Dreamer to throw Brad headfirst into it. What a spot!

Tommy Dreamer Seems To Love Memphis Wrestling

Credit; Fredstyle88/Five Starr Fan Cam

We’ve seen kendo sticks in wrestling rings more times than we can shake a (kendo) stick at, but we’ve not often seen a candy can kendo stick – Brad smacked Dreamer with it but tasted a Cutter and kicked at 2.

Here was Mikey again and he had a gift bag for Tommy. That’s nice, a Christmas pressie! And look, lego…


…yep, a Superplex onto that lego from  Dreamer, which affected both of them of course. One crowd member was on his feet and absolutely delighted with the move, this is what Memphis Wrestling can do.

But then a Brad low blow which Dreamer really sold and he’s out of the ring to get the Christmas tree – Mikey gets it in the belly as he tries to stop him. This is not any Christmas tree, this is a barbed wire Christmas tree, Claus with claws.
Brad brought it into play, Brad tastes the barbs after a Dreamer Driver. And it was over.

Brad tweeted that;


Not aure about that, but what a match, what a programme. Memphis Wrestling is one of the top 2 wrestling entertainment promotions in the world at the moment.

Memphis has the talent, the storyline and the confidence to entertain from beginning to end. Stunning.

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