Great CCW; One Match, No Trash

Coastal Championship Wrestling, CCW, have been doing this on their Alive programme for all of 2022 and that doesn’t look like changing any time soon. They don’t even take 30 minutes of your time, which is a bonus in today’s always on culture; 20 minutes or so is what you’ll get. Wrestling goodness is another thing that’s on offer, which is achieved through an excellent placement of different styles of matches, most of which seem to win out on those terms.

Sometimes Coastal Championship Wrestling only offer one match, but that doesn’t feel like short changing, it feels like this is all you’ll need.

And there’s one thing that’s helped in that; wrestling talent. And one of the most talented hands in Coastal Championship Wrestling is KiLynn King.

CCW were right to big it up;

‘Action in the Coastal Championship Wrestling women’s division continues to stay red hot and this week’s episode of CCW Alive is yet another example.’

The now ex-Women’s champ has recently provided excellent match after excellent match and this one, against Kelsey Raegan, was a thriller.

CCW Entrances

Credit; CCW

The Match

King has an innovative offense feel, like when she threw Raegan to the ropes and rolled her up as she bounced back.
Generally, the powerful King usually manages t

o dominate, but Raegan was peppy here, not allowing her opponent to get the upper hand. So when King had her legs tied up on the mat, she tried to change things by smacking her hard round the chops, which King seemed to take offence at, leading to traded punches and slaps.

CCW celebrated Raegan’s offense;

‘Raegan used some guile a few minutes later, taking advantage of a King mistake. The former champion went for a double knee strike in the corner and Raegan got out of the way, leaving King stuck in the turnbuckles. Raegan grabbed King and hit a nasty looking neckbreaker out of the corner.’

CCW Action

Credit; CCW

But King got the upper hand, even after
tasting a tough uppercut, through a long Missile Dropkick and precise knee off the top to the side of Raegan’s skull.

Think Raegan was down and out? A huge knee to King’s jaw would suggest not, earlier on too came her move of the match, as King went for a long hold Vertical Suplex, she slipped down and synched in a rather fine Guillotine.

CCW action

Credit; CCW

The Ending

It’s a feature of champs that they can best you at any time and this King finisher came seemingly from nowhere.

It was a Pump Handle Reverse Slam, the Excalibuster, which looked nasty. And it seemed big enough to create a pin.

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Credtit; CCW

Coastal Championship Wrestling Stays Strong

This episode of CCW Alive featured Miro wearing a t-shirt which read ‘CCW – The Last Territory’ and whilst I might make a claim for others like Memphis, Coastal Championship Wrestling have been doing this is the Florida area for more than a decade.

I get to experience it via video but that’s enough to show me what a class act this promotion is.

20 minutes. One match. Less is more for CCW. But you can only do that if the Less is More exciting than other wrestling promotions.

CCW is.

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