WWE SmackDown Live: The Bloodline Betrayal

WWE Friday Night SmackDown is coming from The Queen City, Carlotte, North Carolina and we start the night off with a recap of what went down at the Royal Rumble last Saturday. This is followed up with Kayla Braxton asking what the status of Jey is since he isn’t with The Bloodline and walked out on them. This will be sometjing that goes through the whole show so we will collect all of the bloodline points at the end of the article.

The first match is the unlikely tag team of big and little brothers Braun Strowman & Ricochet taking on the team of IMPERIUM. They are a personal favourite of mine. This match is really good and the team that was interested last week won, going in to face The Usos next week. the big question is who will be defending the tag belts, will it be Jimmy and Jey or will Jimmy team up with Solo Sikoa?

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Credit; WWE.com

We get a recap of Rhea Ripley’s big win at the Royal Rumble and her choice is Smackdown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair. But for tonight Flair has to focus on Sonya Deville and defending that championship.

We also get a hilarious bit featuring The Judgment day, Rey Mysterio & The New Day to promote a Nascar event this Sunday. It’s hilarious and odd but the best part is Balor’s ridiculous get-up.

Now back to the show and it’s time for Sonya Deville to show the world just how amazing she is in the ring. I really enjoyed this match, both women have amazing chemistry and truly make each other better. Flair looks so happy to be back inside a ring and seems revitalised when it comes to her character. Sonya is so good at mocking Flair and is a little sneaky, while also having a high-impact style that is influenced by her MMA training. Flair retains which was expected.

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It’s black history month and the WWE is showcasing some of their greatest starts, focusing first on Kofi Kingston. It shows his career highlights and how important he has been. I hope they release a few documentaries at some point.

The brawling Brutes are here to get revenge for Sheamus against the Viking Raiders, after their vicious attack last week resulting in the team of Sheamus and Drew McIntyre having to forfit their position in the Tag Team Tornament. I haven’t watched smackdown much as of late but with the addition of Valhalla, the former Sarah Logan, they look so much cooler and less gimmicky. This is how they should have always been presented. This was a great match with the Viking Raiders winning. It was followed up with McIntyre and Sheamus entering and beating down the winners.

Shotzi Blackheart and Shayna Baszler fight it out on WWE Friday Night SmackDown
Credit; WWE.com

Next, we have a fatal four way between Shotzi Blackheart, Shayna Baszler, Natalya and Zelina Vega. The winner of this match will enter the women’s elimination chamber. This match was a lot of fun with each woman getting their stuff in. This match really shows off how good Shotzi Backheart is when she is allowed to shine, and has opponinats who know what they are doing. She has received a lot of unessery hate in the last year, espisally after her match with Ronda Rousey, but she is a star.

Baszler looks like an absolute beast here and more like herself than we have seen in some time, while Zelina Vega followed up her phenomenal performance at the Royal Rumble with this. her Code Red is always a joy to watch. Natalya won, which is amazing for her as she has been one of the best workers on the roster for sometime, she looks happy and well rssted and ready to go. but you gotta get a strong Canadian in that chamber, but will she face Bianca Belair at WrestleMania? She has stiff compaction come Febuery 18th in Montreal.

The Bloodline Main Event Friday Night Smackdown

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Credit; WWE.com

We get a video package about the men’s royal rumble winner, Cody Rhodes before we head backstage. The absence of Jey is weighing heavy on Roman’s mind but Jimmy keeps saying ‘I haven’t heard from him’. He is too blase for Reigns’ liking but the last thing he wants to do is reject another member of the Bloodline and allow his numbers to dwindle. It feels like we are coming into the third act of this storyline.

We head backstage again later on in the night with Hayman informing Reigns that Jey’s phone keeps going to voicemail, and now he’s pissed. He is disappointed and angry while Jimmy and Solo have to carry the burden of all of this. Roman sends them off to the bus and decided it time for him to handle some business.

Roman Reigns, The Tribal Chief, The Head of the Table is here, and he is getting a good mix of cheers and boos. He has been a perfect heel champion. There are huge cheers and chants for Sami Zayn but that’s not who Reigns wants to talk about, he wants to talk about Cody Rhodes, the man who won the Royal Rumble last Saturday. But he can’t, he has to address the Sami Zayn situation, and he tears him apart. It’s a great promo, as always, from Roman.

Sami Zayn gets the jump on Roman and attacks him. It gets violent but the crowd are fully behind Sami, as he hits one of the crispiest spears I have ever seen. Sami tries to hit him with a chair but Roman gets out of the way. He declares he is coming for Reigns and his championships. But he is attacked by Solo and Jimmy. They put a chair around his neck but Roman stops them from going further, cause Roman wants to destroy Sami in front of his family. The crowd chant ‘we want Jey’, oh what an amazing storyline this has been.

We are getting the match in Montreal at Elimination Chamber, Sami Zayn Vs Roman Reigns. Anorther perfect way to end a jam packed episode of SmackDown.

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