5 Questions for a Streamer: Chubburnt & Noodles

Welcome to 5 Questions for a Streamer, with me Riley. Now let’s get into round 2.  This week will feature Chubburnt and Noodles.  Two for one!  What an absolute treat, don’t worry I’ll try not to spoil you every week.

5 Questions for Streamer Chubburnt

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Chubburnt is a new streamer.  I met her in a community and stayed on from there. I watched her grow from having no viewers to affiliate. I was able to ask her five questions.  Chubburnt is a CoD streamer, along with some Minecraft and Life is Strange mixed in.  

What got you into streaming?

DragonQueenTTV is a good real-life friend who streams regularly.

What is your go-to happy song? I would have to say Crab Rave lol. I can’t be upset listening to it, it’s so upbeat!

What would you play if you could only play one game for the next year? 

I would have to say Call of Duty.  It’s sort of my go-to game and I really enjoy it.

What is a place you would love to travel to if money was no object?


Who’s the bigger stream star, you or Hazel [Chubburnt’s Cat]?

Hazel, obviously.  She takes over the stream every time she comes on, whether pawing at me to give her attention or climbing up on me so I can’t play anymore.

5 Questions for Streamer Noodles

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Noodles is another streamer who’s been around longer  I enjoy our interactions on Twitter, and she’s an awesome person to be around.  She sometimes transforms into a foot through magical means and streams a variety of games.  You can find her on Twitter and Twitch

How did you get started streaming?

I actually got started streaming art because I used to do digital art on my laptop. That, and I would stream story games to my 2 friends who were interested in watching me play. Discord didn’t have a good game-sharing mode back when I first started streaming (I believe in 2017 or 18). I didn’t stream seriously back then, but it was mostly just for my friends so I wasn’t advertising it or even wanting to be seen. Content creation has always been something I was drawn to so it made sense to start doing it seriously after college.

What’s been your favourite moment on stream? 

I actually do have a favourite moment! I was playing Terraria and I had no idea how to play. I accidentally dropped bombs in the house and blew up the whole thing… I felt so bad but I couldn’t stop laughing.

They say black cats have the best personality. As a black cat owner, what’s the funniest thing yours has done?

Black cats are very vocal and have a lot of personalities! My cat Styx has separation anxiety, so if she goes into a room and she can’t see us she starts yowling and acting like the world is ending. We have to reassure her that we are there or she’ll be sad. Hades is funny in a lot of ways. When I use the bathroom he HAS to be in there with me. During this winter, he realized he could get under the blankets with me. I woke up one morning with Hades on my legs like usual, but this time he was UNDER the blankets. Somehow he had burrowed under by himself.

You can travel anywhere in the world, any time, past present future, and meet anyone dead or alive, or even not yet alive! Where do you go, and I’d applicable, who do you meet?

I would meet my future self (ignoring the fact that there may be a paradox). I get high anxiety all the time, but if I could be reassured that everything will work out that would be amazing I think.

What’s your go-to happy song?

I don’t know if this is a happy song per se but it does make me feel heard. Right now it’s A Million Miles Away from the Belle soundtrack!

(HQ) Belle – A Million Miles Away (English Version)

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