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5 Questions For A Streamer: CherryBlossomShinobi & Cherrymere

So this week, we have another two-for-one!  This week’s theme is Cherry!  We have CherryBlossomShinobi and Cherrymere!  It’s rumoured we have interviewed an alternate reality of Cherrymere last week, a joke we have with her and Kels, because they are so similar it’s scary. 

Anyways.  So I found CherryB quite a while ago when she was running FFX, and I hung around after that.  She’s a chaotic streamer, high energy, and a lot of yelling.  A lot…of yelling…but much like Kels, it’s good yelling.  Her streams are a lot of fun, and you never know what’s going to happen, as evidenced by the clip I chose. 

CherryM I don’t know as well, I wandered into her stream via a recommendation, and saw she was playing Omori, which is what Kels was streaming when I first found her.  Her streams are much calmer, and always entertaining as well.  I mean I wouldn’t follow people if I didn’t find them entertaining!  But enough chatter, that’s not why you’re here.  Let’s get on with the questions!

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Cherry S.

What got you into streaming?


What got me into streaming: I only grew up with Nintendo games. My mom being very religious allowed only those in the house, so for the most part I grew up with only Mario Bros, Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase and Nintendogs haha. The first game that got me more interested in gaming was Fire Emblem: Awakening, such a great game with anime-type graphics that I really enjoyed that I was like “oh?! wait a minute haha I need to experience more” I know other consoles were expensive so I had to wait until I had a stable job to purchase my own things then.

When I was 23 I bought my first PS4 Pro and then had to wait months after to get my own tv because my mom wouldn’t allow me to hook it up on hers. I had a friend at the time whose sister had a spare that they graciously gave me for free and I then started playing Persona 5 and later Final Fantasy VII Remake.

I had friends who started streaming on Twitch and thought it was a wonderful way to meet new people and play all sorts of games for the first time. I had to move out and save for a setup though and over time I wasn’t able to play much due to work, and when COVID hit being a front liner, I worked almost every day and worked up in my career, to which gaming took a huge backseat.

At the start of 2021, I had saved enough money to purchase a setup and my friend helped me with absolutely everything, Vincent was a real one for that truly haha. On March 3rd, 2021 I finally hit the go live button and it was the best decision I ever made. I think that since I found out about the streaming world it fascinated me with how it was full of people who just had fun and played games.

Not really being able to play a good handful of games from when I was little to 25 basically really gave me the opportunity to explore the world of gaming and what was a part of it. SO MANY GAMES OH MY LORD hahha and through it wonderful memories and friends. I’m so blessed to have had this opportunity in life and it’s never too late to start. I’m excited to continue playing these games and experiencing their stories and hype as if I were to as a kid/teenager.

An unforgettable experience so far and I’m just getting started :3

Cherry M


My husband got into streaming over quarantine as a way to play more games and connect with friends! I actually never saw myself streaming – I was always careful to not be on camera when Alex was live, I‘ve never been super comfortable in front of a camera and am afraid of being really bad at video games publically, even though I‘ve always enjoy playing them.

When I finished grad school and Alex and I moved states, he helped me build my first PC and encouraged me to start streaming. I went into it thinking it would be something I’d do a few times with some friends from home, and if I didn’t like it, I’d just stop. Luckily, it’s turned into something WAY bigger and way better than I ever imagined. I’m so happy that Al convinced me to give it a try!

How did you come up with your name?

Cherry S:

So funny thing about my name. CherryBlossomShinobi was not going to be the original. I was a cosplayer in High School and throughout College and I went by the name Shinobi_Princess/Princess_Shinobi. I love Naruto with my whole life and I knew no matter what it would be incorporated into any username I were to use.

I went by Shinobi_Princess for YEARS and when I started Twitch I wanted it to be the same. Alas, to my heart’s dismay, the user was taken in every form too. I was sad but at the same time, I was excited about a “rebrand” of sorts. Because of life and COVID, a lot of cosplayers grew apart in a sense. We’re still friends or acquaintances, however, I feel like life took me down a different path.

I still LOVE to cosplay I just don’t do it much anymore or go to conventions as much. Letting go of Shinobi_Princess was hard as it was full of so many wonderful memories, but it just wasn’t really a part of me anymore if that makes sense haha.

CherryBlossomShinobi is long as hell, but I love it all the same. It’s inspired by Sakura Haruno from Naruto my favourite character and which also happens to be my favourite flower hehhe. It was what I could come up with that incorporated things I loved and also what was still similar style to my previous. It’s a username that has brought me to many people and opportunities I’m highly grateful for. If I were to ever hit Partner though, I will ask for the name change ‘Cherry’ or ‘CherryBlossom’. :3 

Cherry M:

I love the aesthetic of cherries (and fruit in general) and love all of the colours associated with fruits. My dream decor is full of colour and fun, and I kept finding fruit-themed decor for my PC setup, so I decided that I’d name myself after my favourite fruit and add my name! cherry + meredith = cherrymere! It just so happened that one of the first friends I made through twitch just so happened to be my name twin!!

What is your go-to happy song?

Cherry S: 

My go to happy song? hahhaha That’s such a tough one. I have so many songs that will make me happy so I’ll give a top 5: This is in no particular order all of these songs and more bring me joy hehhe: Love Yourself: BTS, HeartShaker: TWICE, Silhouette: KANA-BOON, Bucket List: Mitchell Tenpenny, Emoji of a Wave: John Mayer.

There are so many songs out there that make me happy in a sense so these are just a tid bit tbh haha. My music range is all over and if I love it I listen to it. I describe it as Pandora’s box haha you never know what you’re going to get when you shuffle XD

Cherry M:

Anyone who knows me irl knows that I almost always have headphones in, so it’s tough for me to pick just one… Recently, I’ve been listening (and loudly singing along) to Florence + The Machine’s “Free” and Aurora’s “Cure for Me” while dancing around the house!

What’s your favourite clip or moment from streaming?

CherryS told me to pick any clip because she loves them all, so I picked this wonderful clip I made of her, which is now her !shower command in chat…


I’ve had so many fun moments in streaming over the last year, but the thing that tops it all was Camp Compost- some of my incredible friends and I put together a WEEK LONG streamer summer camp that took place a week before my wedding (which now looking back, I have no idea how I did both that close together).

We spent weeks prepping, brainstorming, creating, and discussing how to make something this big happen, and it brought me closer to some amazing people. The memories we made were so so worth all of the effort we put in to make it happen. I am so proud of everything we did and hope we’ll get to do it again!!  But I like this one

Money is no object, and neither is time or space. Where do you go and who do you meet?:

Cherry S

OH BOYYYY I’m travelling 100% I want to see the world and all the sites hehe. My top 5 Countries to visit right off the bat are Japan, South Korea, Greece, Ireland/Scotland, and The UK :3 I want to visit so many other places and meet so many homies from twitch etc.


This makes me a little emotional, but I think I’d want to go back and spend some time with 18 year old mere. I want to tell her that it’s gonna be okay, and even though life will (for lack of a better word) really suck at some points along the way, it’s going to be so so incredibly worth it.

I want to tell her that the people she meets and the things she gets to do and the person becomes are worth working towards and that she’s doing the best that she can right now and that I’m so stupidly proud of her.

I had a bonus question for CherryM: It’s rumoured you might have been interviewed before in another universe. Is it true you and KelsBells are secretly the same person in alternate timelines? 


You know, I’ve seen this rumour floating around recently… all I can say is that if the truth were to come out, it could catastrophically disrupt SEVERAL alternate timelines, so we gotta keep our lips sealed!

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