5 Questions For A Streamer: ItsKelsBells and KissySensei

Welcome to another installment of our 5 Questions For A Streamer series.

I’ve known Kels since she pretty much started streaming, and watched her go from this streamer who hid behind a tiny little webcam window, to doing 2 hour Just chatting videos in crystal clear HD.  Kels has come a long ways in her streams, so it was an absolute honor to be able to interview her! I pick on her all the time in her stream, so it was about time I did something really nice for her.

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Kels best friend Heidi (On the left) and Kels (Right) repping her merch.

KissySensei is a new to me streamer.  She’s a brand ambassador for Advangedgg, an absolutely fantastic energy drink (I’m not sponsored but man I love their products, use code KISSY for 10% off ).  I found her through Kels, actually, when they did a photoshoot together.  As of writing this, it’s the first time I’ve seen her live, but she did a cosplay shoot with Kels in which I’ll include a photo.  


I decided to change things up a bit this time, and I asked both streamers the same questions, so below you’ll see both of their answers!

What got you started in streaming?


Over COVID, I watched a LOT of youtube videos. Somehow I wanted to watch an Undertale video and stumbled upon Twitch instead of YouTube (which is where I met my first Twitch friend, PrezOfTheCastle!). I started watching more and eventually built up enough confidence to attempt streaming shortly after! It looked so fun, and I wanted to show people the indie games I loved.


So I actually picked up streaming in 2020 as a way to sort of hang out with my friends when quarantine and the lockdown was in full effect. Two of my friends really wanted to watch me play the Last of Us for the first time, and they suggested streaming it so that they could see and hear my reactions to it.

At the time, I didn’t know anything about Twitch, but they helped me set up my account, and I got a headset microphone in place and started to stream to the two of them! And now, here I am! 

How did you come up with your name?


When I was in high school, I worked for a tree company. One of the admin made nicknames for everyone – she thought my voice sounded like a cheery doorbell so she started calling me Kels Bells!  


My name is actually a combination of two different things. “Kissy” is a play off of a nickname that I actually really hate but a friend of mine started calling me Kissy to make it more playful and enjoyable for me.

The “Sensei” part actually comes from the same friend who, at the time, was learning Japanese with me. I am a couple of years older than her, and so she got the brilliant idea of calling me Sensei as we both learned Japanese. Then, one day, she just smashed the two together and called me KissySensei, and the name just stuck, and I absolutely fell in love with it! 

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Kissy cosplaying as Hu Tao from Genshin

What’s your favorite clip or moment from streaming?


(This is where Kels did not deliver in time, so I will select one for her!  I have selected this embarrassing clip where we reached a milestone and she had to pie herself in the face.)


There have been a lot of really amazing moments in my streaming career but I think one of the best ones is when I hit 1000 followers live during a stream and my entire community went wild. They redeemed all sorts of sound alerts and started a hype train with multiple subs and bits galore! It was a really exciting time for me and made me very emotional and lives on in the clips Hall of Fame for my channel.

It was just a really cool moment for not just myself, but for the community because we had achieved something that had been a goal of mine for a couple of months at that point. So it was just a really awesome time and a really wonderful memory. 

What’s your go to happy song?


Oh boy, there’s so many! I love music so this is really hard. Promiscuous Girl always makes me super pumped up so let’s go with that one I guess.


This is a tough one because it changes every now and again, but for the most part, it’s a Taylor Swift song lol. Right now, it’s “Anti-Hero”, but sometimes it’s “Sparks Fly” or “22” or “You Need to Calm Down. But, as a proud Swiftie, it’s always a Taylor Swift song. 

Kels [Tanjiro Kamado] and Kissy [Zen Agatsuma] together in a cosplay shoot for popular anime series Demon Slayer

Money is no object, and neither is time or space. Where do you go and who do you meet?


At the risk of sounding lame, I’d give anything to meet Demi Lovato! Her music inspired my love of music as a kid, which eventually led me to speech therapy. Her journey as a person has been really admirable – I’d love to meet her one day.  Probably just at a local coffee shop though, nothing fancy. 


I have always dreamed of going to Japan and so I would do that and stay there for about a month to really be able to soak up as much of the culture and landscape as possible. As far as who I would like to meet right now, I am pretty obsessed with Pedro Pascal, so I think I would really like to meet him and spend some time, picking his brain over all sorts of things, because he seems like a very educated man.

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