Money In The Bank 2023 in London

Money In The Bank: Predictions

This Saturday, in that beautiful city known as London, Money in the Bank comes to the UK, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’ll be there! In the gods but regardless, I’ll be there to sing with Seth, woah with Cody and watch my personal favourite Premium Live Event on the WWE calendar. The run-up to the show has been excellent, putting suspense into who is going to win the briefcases, as well as elevating Finn Balor into his title feud, Dom into his match with Cody and, of course, the Bloodline Civil War. That being said, let’s get into my predictions!

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

image 72

YEAH, 1 man and 1 man only. L. A. KNIGHT BABY!

He is molten hot right now; WWE needs to capitalise on that ball of fire and wave of momentum he’s on and give that man a briefcase. There are rumours that Logan Paul will win, which in a business mindset makes a lot of sense as it would get the briefcase exposed to non-wrestling fans, but he isn’t actually on anything except a podcast so I can’t see the exposure being massive.

Priest would also be a good shout to win, he’s really coming into his own within the Judgement Day but, come on, it’s LA KNIGHT, DUMMY. YEAH!

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

image 71

My heart says Iyo Sky but with Dakota Kai out injured, we could see the crumbling of Damage CTRL as we know it. Bayley, as a heel, has been known to be a bit jealous and I feel like she’s costing Iyo the briefcase. Trish, Becky, and Zoey Stark are in a feud right now which I think will take up a lot of the match itself, Becky fighting off the two-on-one situations, plus, I can’t see Trish winning the briefcase.

That leaves Zelina Vega, who is criminally underrated and is riding a wave since Backlash. She would be a great underdog briefcase holder to have, like when we had hugger Bayley hold it or Nikki ASH.

Gunther vs Riddle for the Intercontinental Championship

image 73

Gunther. And it’s not even close. NEXT.

Cody Rhodes vs Dominik Mysterio

image 74

The Cody mark writing this is going against his boy, what is going on?! It won’t be a clean win for Ex-Con Dom, but I think he’ll pick up the W against the American Nightmare, after a little beastly interference.

Big enough payday, Brock will fly to London, F5 Cody and challenge him to the rubber match at Summerslam. And, with this win, Dom would be only the second person to pin Cody since his return, the other being Roman Reigns. That is a great way to pile even more heat on Dom and get him booed out of every building in North America, plus it puts more stock in him to pick up these big victories as he shapes himself for his future.

Shayna Baszler & Ronda Rousey vs Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez for the Women’s Tag Team Championships

image 75

I’m liking the tag team of Shayna and Ronda, real-life friends being badasses together. Liv is a great babyface in peril with the hot tag of Raquel, but they’ve held the titles before, a fresh run where Ronda and Shayna have only held them for a short amount of time, they could become record holders of the titles, the longest reign is 172 days so that it won’t be hard looking at the women’s tag team division. We could also see a heel turn from Raquel here, she’s been quite boring on the main roster and would be nice to get some more spice in there.

Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor for the World Heavyweight Championship

image 76

This is a tough one. On one side of the coin, Seth hasn’t held the title for very long and is over like rover. But this new serious side of Finn Balor is refreshing and something I didn’t think we’d get to see again.

I’m going to go with Seth. I believe there is more that can be done with this title run, he has deserved to have some gold around his waist for a very long time and that man can carry a division without even trying. It feels like there’s some tension in the Judgement Day so it could start coming to an end for Finn I think putting the title in that storyline could negate the work Seth has done to elevate it.

The Bloodline Civil War

image 77

The best storyline in wrestling has got even better, the “I’m out too” and the superkick to Roman from Jey is just things dreams are made of, and I think that is going to play a crucial part in this match.

Roman hasn’t been pinned since December 15th 2019 when he lost to Baron Corbin, and the first person to pin him ever in WWE was Jey Uso during an 11-on-3 handicap match on the September 23rd 2013 edition of Raw. Bring this full circle, and make it seem like Jey is Roman’s kryptonite that he always forgets about, I know he has beaten Jey multiple times in between but it’s a different mindset. Roman is scared, he is worried about losing his title and The Usos are sharks in the water smelling fear.

Solo is elevated already but has him be the star, Roman relies on him to take out the twins before he tries to come in and finish off Solo’s dirty work, which leads to the downfall. I’m going against the Tribal Chief here, I’m picking The Usos.

A monumental PLE for WWE emanating from London after the success of Clash at the Castle last year in Cardiff, I’m excited to be there and excited to see who climbs those ladders come Saturday.

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