AEW Blood and Guts is a fun night of action
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AEW Blood and Guts: A Wild Ride with The Elite & The Blackpool Combat Club

Blood and Guts is back in AEW and everyone is excited to see the final face-off between The Golden Elite and The Blackpool Combat Club. elsewhere on the card we have Jack Perry facing off against HOOK for the FTW Championship. We also have the final of the Blind Tag-Team Tournament and an appearance from Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

Jack Perry buries Jungle Boy

Jack Perry turned heel at Forbidden Door after his loss to the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion SANADA, the crowd and many fans have had mixed reactions but I personally love it. He completed his transition tonight from a complete overhaul in his look and a brand new theme. No frills, just darkness and Bathovens’s 7th symphony. Even before his heel turn, there were small clues, from introducing Jack Perry into his name to his clothing getting darker.

Tonight he faces off against his former tag team partner and friend HOOK, for the FTW Championship. This match is great with Jack Perry fully embracing his heel persona and beating the hell out of HOOK. There is beautiful draping DDT delivered to HOOK and there are also some real heel tactics, including a low blow and a spot with the championship. Jack Perry comes out on top winning the FTW Championship and ruining HOOK’s undefeated streak.

Britt Baker Looks to Rebuild

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Britt Baker is looking to rebuild after her defeat at the hands of Ruby Soho in the opening match of the Owen Hart Tornementg. She faces off against veteran Kayla Sparks who has appeared on AEW before. This is a good little match with Sparks fighting back at every turn but she just can’t quite get the upper hand on Baker. D.M.D. has spoken about how she would love the women to get a chance at a Blood and Guts match hopefully we will get to see that next year.

Who is Kayla Sparks? Well, Kayla Sparks is the current Immortal Championship Wrestling Women’s Champion who began her training at the age of 13. She has travelled all over the United States competing in a variety of different promotions and winning gold too. She is a two-time WOHW Women’s Champion [World of Hurt Wrestling] along with the inaugural CCW Network Championship [Captial Championship Wrestling], also ranking #148 on the PWI Top 150 Female Wrestlers of 2022. She also made history as the first-ever professional wrestler to appear on both SmackDown and AEW Rampage on the same night.

The Odd Couple Continues to Shine

Adam Cole and MJF were thrown together in the blind eliminator tournament and continue to be hilarious. this week they are in Boston and getting up to all kinds of mischief at a Chinese restaurant. Later on, there is a fabulous interview segment with Renee Parquett where MJF reveals he got them matching trunks while Cole shows off the matching jackets they will be wearing.

they face off tonight against Danial Garcia and Sammy Guavara to see who will face off against the AEW Tag Team Champions FTR. Chris Jericho comes out with huge cheers and a good old sing-along before joining the commentary team. MJF and Adam Cole make their entrance and Cold has another surprise, their theme songs mashed up. there is even a dance-off, which is a little too hot for TV, that is initiated by MJF of all people.

This match is so good and hilarious in all the right ways. I actually love AEW’s take on ‘sports entertainment’, it’s lots of fun.

There is a brief moment at the end where MJF freaks out at Adam Cole holding his AEW World Championship, but they work it out. FTR are here to face off against the winners of the Blind Tag-Team Elimination Tournament and you know it’s going to be a great, match on Collision next week.

Blood and Guts 3: The Golden Lovers Reunite

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Blood and Guts is our main event tonight and see the return of PAC and the debut of Kota Ibushi. It’s time to end this war between the Blackpool Combat Club and The Golden Elite. The BCC won the coin toss and will have the upper hand in this match. The first man in is the ROH World Champion Claudio Castinoli who will be facing the Golden Elite’s pick in Kenny Omega. This match starts off fast and hard with Claudio using his power to his advantage but Omega is quick and powerful too. These two were the perfect choices for the first two.

Kenny Omega is now in trouble with PAC being the next entrant making this a two-on-one situation. PAC is vicious here and the BCC begin tearing Omega apart. The Elite’s next man is ‘Hangman’ Adam Page and the crowd is thrilled to see him as he is sporting Dark Order colours and comes in swinging, he is a difference maker here with the former tag team champions getting the advantage.

But not for long as Jon Moxley makes his way to the ring going straight for Omega and beginning to stab him with a fork. Moxley lives for this and is tailor-made for this kind of match with his extensive death match and hardcore wrestling experience. He brings the carnage with broken glass but it doesn’t go to plan with the arrival of Nick Jackson, who is also sporting that white, black and purple look, driving Moxley into the glass. This all turns very fast, after Nick shows off his amazing agility, with him and Omega getting the glass into his back.

Wheeler Yuta is next for the BCC, bringing a chair with him and allowing for his team to get the numbers advanced, if only for three minutes. Kenny Omega is the one who is down after being thrown into the cage and then reshaping off of the ropes. Luckily Matt Jackson is the next man out, equalling the field and allowing The Bucks to just do their thing. Konosuke Takeshita, who also brings a chair to the party. In the meantime, Jon Moxley brings a bed of nails to the party and tortures Kenny Omega with it.

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After such a long wait The Golden Star, Kota Ibushi is here to start the match officially, Wheeler Yuta gets out of the cage and knocks him down, and Matt Jackson heads out to deal with that allowing Ibushi to get inside the cage. We have murder Ibushi here, he reacts to nothing but hits and kicks hard. He squares up to Moxley, who is standing on Omega’s hand that is on a bed of nails. Ibushi gets Mox onto those nails and does a stunning standing moonsault. Trying to keep up with this match is hard and it needs to be seen to be believed.

Considering Ibushi re-injured himself during WrestleMania weekend and has only had two matches in three months he looks incredible here. He get’s a lot of his stuff in and yes I know there weren’t enough Golden Lovers moments but it feels like that will come in the future. This is a group effort kind of match, it’s so much fun and also very brutal. I have a feeling we will get more Ibushi in AEW soon enough.

What a wild ride this match was.

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