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Memphis Wrestling Saturday Night : Alternate Reality?

It’s as if the Memphis Wrestling Saturday morning show spawned a twisted, darker brother. It does feel grown-up. It’s at the Wrestlecenter but it’s a different beast entirely.

A sexy beast.

The Look of Memphis Wrestling

Remember when 80’s US promotions used to show footage that happened the week before at their evening show? The one at, let’s say the Sportatorium. Remember?

Hey, where are those who remember The Colbys’? I’m talking to you.

That footage was always darker, and denser, it looked like it was a bit prohibited and very special.

Memphis Wrestling Saturday Night looks like that. It has a darker, grainier feel and that marks it as different.

The Desk Is Shunned

And it’s a good thing. The Desk is all over the Saturday morning show; it’s a main character. All the action takes place in front of it, the wrestlers pass by it to get to the ring, and the interviews take place in front of it.

Memphis Wrestling Saturday Night? Dustin gets out from behind the Desk and announces in the ring. That says something too; this is not an angle-based family morning show, the action here takes place in the ring.

Simple changes that really make a difference.

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Some Angles Are Different Too

Hang on, is that Austin Layne’s mate Matt? He was with him earlier in the day, wasn’t he? And here he is, with Meklakov (Norman, to his mates)…actually, Matt may be his only one.

Odd change, but the angle was well turned. Austin wants to get his hands on Matt, for the betrayal, see? Matt wants people to know his surname. It’s Williams. He told us anyway. So that’s that, isn’t it? Oh no, Matt wants his friend Austin to pay. He can get his hands on him, oh yes. After Meklakov has had a match with him.

And after the Meklalock Full Nelson was broken by the Best Of The Best (no one has broken that before, folks), Lane slapped on an STF which Matt had to help break up.

And so Austin tasted the Meklalock anyway and won by DQ which allowed Matt to declare his former friend had won and so he could have his match. Right now.

And he had to be saved by his new mate, Norman pulling him out of the ring after an old skool Atomic Drop.

Don’t worry Austin, some just get jealous of the Best Of The Best thing…

Jimmy Blaylock’s Hollywood Is A Horror Show No More

Van Viciousssssss? Isn’t he in The Elements Of Wrestling? Not any more. Now he’s a rather happy member of his new Hollywood Clique. And he’s not alone.

DDT. Dangerous Diana Taylor. Now Dirty Diana. Makes sense. She sent Skylar packing (perhaps) and has some fancy new cheerleader-type duds and a pair of sunglasses that she wears indoors. Very Bette Davis, or something…

I like this new faction, Jimmy, resplendent in white, seemed more comfortable without the Crowleys pawing at him. Understandable.

The pissy Posse? Aren’t they banned from the Wrestlecenter? But this is a different kind of Memphis Wrestling and I’m enjoying the slight oddness.

The Posse tangled with Brett (‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’) Michaels and Big Swoll Justin Cole and after much well-judged prevarication to hype the fans right up, the match spilt to the outside and became a bit messy, in a frantic way, tennis racquet in play, a Jim Cornette touch.

The Memphis Muscle, Michaels and Cole, won with a simultaneous Gunshow Lariat and Swoll Slam for the pin.

It had the feel of a big match. The Posse is important heels now. Micheals and Cole are in the Memphis Wrestling Heritage Title picture. This felt special. It was that well done.

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An Announcement That Will Cross Over To Saturday Mornings

Zicky Dice was there! And he’d been teasing his big announcement for weeks. And it was big, too.

A New Belt.

The Internet Championship. A mid-level belt perhaps, which is just what Memphis Wrestling needs, considering how much talent they have in the locker rooms. Imagine David Ali, Uncle Mikey, or even K-Toomer going for that belt. It promises to be delicious.

Of course perennial grouch Mike Anthony didn’t like the idea, perhaps because it dilutes the Cobra Cup he just won, so he left Zicky lying.

As he often does.

A Great Addition

It is. A really good offer of something a little different for Memphis Wrestling fans. It felt old skool. It felt important. It felt main event.

Well done, Memphis Wrestling. You’ve done it again.

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