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AEW Dynamite: The Owen Hart Tournament Begins [11/5/2022]

The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament officially kicks off on tonight’s AEW Dynamite coming to you from Long Island, New York. along with a jam-packed night of in-ring action, we also have appearances from Frankie Kazarian, The Jericho Appreciation Society, The Blackpool Combat Club, and HOOK.

Adam Cole and Dax Harwood Become Hart and Micheals

This match is fantastic, Dax can you slow down with the MOTY contenders I can’t keep up, with the story being of opposing influences and styles. Dax cracks out a sharpshooter while Cole brings the fire with his use of superkicks and Micheals-esc taunting. Such a great way to start tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite and the show delivers just live this match.

There is no way they will have Dax tap out to the sharpshooter, right? Well, that’s exactly what they did, oh it felt like Montreal all over again. This match was amazing and everyone needs to see it, if you like good solid technical wrestling and great storytelling, this match is for you.

Adam Cole vs Dax Harwood Owen Hart Quarterfinals

Double Or Nothing Is Looking Great So Far

Punk came out in a John Tavares, New York Islanders jersey, for those who don’t know the New York Islanders are the NHL team that plays their games in the UBS Arena and is the local team for Long Island. On top of this, John Tavares signed a seven-year deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs, one of my teams, to leave the Islanders in 2018. This is also a huge sore point as Tavares was the 1st overall pick in the NHL draft for the Islanders.

The crowd was not happy about this at all, which is understandable. Want to piss off a whole crowd? Rundown their local sports team or remind them of an emotional time in the team’s history. This crowd also hates CM Punk, ever since his feud with their hometown boy MJF. Tonight however he is facing another hometown boy in John Silver of the Dark Order and it feels this will be a thing for CM Punk in Long Island moving forward.

CM Punk at this weeks AEW Dynamite

While Tony Nese vs Danhausen was very quick, we are getting Hookhausen and this could be leading to something bigger. That bigger thing is announced before the main event, we will get to see Hookhausen face off against Tony Nese and Smart Mark Sterling on this year’s Double or Nothing Buy-In. It really does feel like they were saving Danhausens real in-ring debut for something big and this is it. He’s just got back from injury so a tag match with Hook seems perfect.

MJF and WARDLOW are set to face off at this year’s Double or Nothing. this segment started with a mock version of Dark Side of The Ring. Being in Long Island is always a fun time cause MJF is the good guy, I hope this continues forever. In order to get his match against MJF, he needs to take 10 lashings, and yes Shawn Spears did do the Ty Dillinger thing. speaking of Spears, he will be facing WARDLOW in a steel cage match with a guest referee, and who will it be? You guessed it MJF.

“Jewish, from the Holy Land — and I ain’t talking Israel, I’m talking about the most magical place in the world, Long Island, New York.”

FTW Championship And Team Taz Are Here To Stay

Taz joined commentary for this FTW Championship match. Despite this title being one that was ‘made up’, or should we say one that is not recognized by AEW officially, it feels like in the last six months that it has been treated better than the TNT Championship. The FTW Championship has been involved in more storylines and seen on TV in a positive way elevating its prestige to maybe a higher level than the actual secondary title in AEW.

Jungle Boy and Ricky Starks and two of the best and hottest young stars of AEW and both are world championship material.

Speaking of the TNT championship, that will be defended in the main event by Scorpio Sky facing off against former tag team partner, Frankie Kazarian. We get a video package from Sky and then a backstage interview from Kazarian who is interrupted by Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti.

Toni Storm VS Jamie Hayter Sees Stardom Come To AEW

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But what about the other women of AEW? Well, Britt Baker did appear earlier in the night to support Jamie Hayter. We also had a video package promoting the AEW Women’s World Championship match at Double or Nothing between Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb.

This match is a pure mixture of the British catch style and hard-hitting and fast action of Stardom, two places where these women have honed their craft. Storm and Hayter are the future of the AEW women’s division and here they are presented as such. It really sucks that the crowd is quiet than normal but that comes with how the division has been presented over the last three years. This is definitely a match to seek out and hopefully, the two can face off again soon.

Jeff Hardy Turns Back the Years Against Darby Allin

Darby Allin said earlier in the night, let’s just be psychos and these two really did prove just how crazy they are. Throwing caution to the wind and making this an anything goes match this Owen Hart Cup Quarterfinal match was fantastic, just like the first match of the night but for different reasons.

While the first match was pure technical skill and the women’s match showcased the style of Stardom this match took us all back to Hardy’s heyday and the Ruthless Aggression Era. We had good wrestling and even better huge spots, this was a bit of a dream match for us who love this kind of wrestling and grew up inspired by Matt and Jeff Hardy. What a great way to end the night.

AEW Dynamite Results [11/5/22]

Owen Hart Cup Quarterfinal | Adam Cole VS Dax Harwood | Winner via a Sharpshooter: Adam Cole | *****

CM Punk Vs John Silver | Winner via a Buckshot Lariat: CM Punk | ***.75

Tony Nese w/ ‘Smart’ Mark Sterling VS Danhausen | Winner via a : Tony Nese | *

FTW Championship Match | Ricky Starks (c) w/ Powerhouse Hobbs VS Jungle Boy | Winner via a Roshambo Ricky Starks | ****.5

Owen Hart Cup Quarterfinal | Jamie Hayter VS Toni Storm | Winner via a Storm Zero: Toni Storm | ****.75

Owen Hart Cup Quarterfinal | Jeff Hardy Vs Darby Allin | Winner via a : | *****

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