AEW Dynamite: New Champions and The Return of MJF

We start the night off with Tony Kahn addressing the AEW Media Scrum situation and its aftermath. News broke yesterday that everyone involved in the backstage altercation has been suspended and as a result both the World and Trios Championships have been vacated. I actually would have really liked the cold open idea I saw on Twitter. But we start the night off right with MJF.

AEW: A Night of Great Wrestling and Even Better Promos

MJF come out and cut a babyface promo before turning heel again. It is bizarre and perfect because with CM Punk being such a douche canoe it has somehow turned him face in the eyes of the fans. In order to get that heat back, despite a fantastic face promo, we have Jon Moxley come to the ring and call him out. could this mean Moxley is going to win the AEW World Championship championship? I hope so, I would love Moxley vs MJF.

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MJF turns heel, he can’t keep up the nice guy charade for long, turning heel and leaving, Moxley then cuts an impassioned promo about the company and his intentions of becoming a 4-time world champion in AEW. Moxley has put the company on his back and yet again has been called in to save the night and we the face and voice of it. He is the man you want to have around.

Next up we have a fantastic first-time match between The Best Friends and Death Triangle for the AEW World Trios Championship. Alex Reynolds of The Dark Order was injured at All Out on Sunday so the team is unable to compete tonight, along with this The United Empire is also unavailable. It is left to two of the longest-standing trios in AEW and they more than deliver. It is a thrilling match and definitely one you need to watch.

Credit; AEW/TBS

We follow this up with Penelope Ford facing off against the new AEW Women’s World Champion, Toni Storm. If Ford pins Storm tonight they will get to have a rematch with the title on the line. The women get a lot of time here and are in the first half of the show, which is great, there does seem to be more of an effort from the company to showcase the women’s division. This is a win but let’s not get complacent, we need more and we need to let the higher up know we love women’s wrestling.

Max Caster doesn’t get to give his rap, which might actually be a good thing, as they are interrupted by Swerve Strickland. This is such a great little segment that keeps the show moving and establishes part two in the story of the Tag Team Championships and the Swerve In Our Glory/The Acclaimed rivalry.

Next up is Chris Jericho. Oh, he is on fire tonight, as always, he looks great as well and Anna Jay with her black studded number is giving me Chyna vibes. Sammy Guevara and Tay Mello are also there but don’t really add anything to the segment.

Now a TNT open challenge for Wardlow and his opponent is Tony Nese. The match is short but I hope one day we will get to see both in a nice long match, before that, we need Wardlow vs Josh Woods. It also feels like we are refocusing on Wardlow and giving him the push he needs and deserves.

Now is the first in the Wildcard round for the AEW World Championship Tournament, Bryan Danielson vs ‘Hangman’ Adam Page. This is the third match, making their battles into a trilogy but who will win? Lots of questions will be answered by the end of this match, a match that is full of pure wrestling and hard-hitting moves. These two are always phenomenal together and as fans, we need some feel-good wrestling right now. I can’t believe we get this match on free TV and it’s the match of the night so far.

The Main Event is here, this show went really fast, and sees Wheeler Yuta defend his ROH Pure Championship against hometown boy Daniel Garcia. I have to admit I love the rules and style of Pure Championship matches, it is definitely more for those who like the catch style and appreciate joint manipulation. I would love to see someone like Zack Sabre Jr come to AEW/ROH and challenge for this title, lets’s just bring in all the best catch wrestlers in the business and maybe even elevate some of the younger talents that are being showcased on Dark and Dark Elevation.

What a main event and what a great night of wrestling from AEW. Now for the match results:

AEW World Trios Championship | The Beast Friends vs Death Triangle | Winner: Death Triangle

Penelope Ford Vs Toni Storm | Winner: Toni Storm

TNT Championship Open Challange | Tony Nese Vs Wardlow | Winner: Wardlow

World Championship Wild Card Round | Hangman Adam Page Vs Bryan Danilson | Winner: Bryan Danielson

ROH Pure Championship | Danial Garcia Vs Wheeler Yuta | Winner: Daniel Garcia

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