Memphis Wrestling: Tonsorial Torment

Main Event Time

This Memphis Wrestling feud has been simmering for some time, since ‘Problem Child’ Aaron Roberts attacked his partner in the Yung GOATS, Zay Washington after Zay won the Internet Championship, splitting that excellent tag team and taking a manager/coach/distraction Justin Case (love that name).

He was instrumental in Zay losing his championship to newcomer Tim Bosby and has been a constant thorn in the side.

And now, this is the match to end the feud (although it probably won’t) and it has a stipulation;

Hair v Hair

Someone’s Hair Won’t Be There
Someone’s Fro Has To Go
The Pompadour Will Be On The Floor

And the match was rather fine, with some issues at the end.

Memphis Wrestling Problem Child

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88

Early on, Zay made a mistake by chasing Justin Case around the ring; come on, you know no good will come of it! And that was the case here, as he walked into Aaron and then was assisted to the ringpost.

You can’t count Zay out though and even when the ref told him not to dive over the top rope, he just dived over him too, straight onto Aaron. Then he hit a Super Cutter but only got a long 2 count.  Aaron only got a long 2 of his own after a Buckle Bomb and Powerbomb combo; crikey!

Memphis Wrestling Super Cutter

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88

He even hit his version of the Vader Bomb, the Problem Bomb and got the same outcome. And so it was perhaps understandable that he went for the brass knucks, what he didn’t expect was for Zay to pull his arm over the ropes and clock him with an aerosol can – I didn’t expect it either!

And so Aaron was going to lose his locks; clippers out and he sat in the seat with an ‘OK, fair enough…’ look. That didn’t seem right, be careful Zay…

Don’t turn your back…he turned his back…and received a Justin Case low blow, a Euranagi onto the apron and the clippers.

2 things happened, both unexpected. A kid from the Memphis Wrestling crowd grabbed Aaron’s arm to stop him, even Dustin Starr on commentary mentioned it. And then the clippers failed.

Ah. Aaron called for the bag which had scissors in it, but now before he tried to pull Zay’s hair out by the roots; ow! He clipped some hair, but we couldn’t see much.

It was a shame and a great idea – expect more Memphis Wrestling stips to come. I can’t wait…

Jimmy Blaylock Has A Surprise For Us

After keeping the tonsorial theme by telling Dustin ‘we all make mistakes, look at your hair’, he introduced his newest Hollywood Clique member – Adamus Vain. He looked big and mean, even in sport coat and slacks…

Will Mike Anthony Sign?

Bret Michaels was out early on, reminding us that the Memphis Wrestling 100th ep is coming up – that’s Gone By In The Blink Of An Eye (that catchphrase still available, Dustin) – and he had a rolled up paper with him. No, not a subscription to ‘Muscle And Fitness’, a contract to face Memphis Wrestling Heritage champ Mike Anthony which he wants him sign on this very show.

Memphis Wrestling Heritage champ Mike Anthony

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88

Mike won’t want to do that, will he? Acceding to a demand. But he does. He shows remarkable intensity. But he signs.

Game on…

K-Toomer Claims The Grind City Rumble

In a promo, in a room with album covers on the wall, one of which is a very early Prince – classy. And he made his intentions clear. As he says on his Twitter feed;

‘They say create your own lane…I created my own world…be you and everything will start to line up…Sho’Nuff’

Someone has other ideas. And in the mock up Memphis Wrestling Grind City Rumble, over the top rope to the floor eliminations.

One of the fine moments? Austin Lane, being the Best of the Best from nap time to slap time (or something) arriving at ringside just as his nemesis, Matt Whathisname, was dumped out by Kid Wrestling. Austin’s smile was as wide as the Sargasso Sea. Then he gave Whathisname a Belly To Back Suplex on the apron, just to seal the deal.

The last 2? K-Toomer and Big Trouble Ben Bishop, the biggest men in the match. Hang on though, Storybook Prince Gaston was hiding and here he comes to…be thrown over the top onto everyone else.

Toomer gets Bishop over, but he skins the cat and hits a lovely DDT. A low bridge sees him teetering on the apron, having to wait a bit long for Toomer to kick him off.

The Grind City Rumble isn’t going to be as easy as K-Toomer thinks. Sho ‘Nuff.

Memphis Wrestling Smile!

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88

And In Other News…

Ray Collins is now a Hot Shot! Erm, their manager/coach Justin Klein probably should have noticed that in recent weeks on Memphis Wrestling Collins has been beaten down, beaten up and beat. Guess what happened here? Mind you, if anyone can beat you it’s Memphis Wrestling Tag Team champs The Posse.

Memphis Wrestling Hot Shots

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88

Nyxx had a match with Diana Taylor, but they didn’t get far before McKenzie Morgan, left lying a few weeks ago, arrived to deck Jimmy Blaylock, yes, knock him down and then go after Taylor – so keen was she that Nyxx was left to keep Morgan away.

All that warming up for nothing, Nyxx…

Memphis Wrestling Keeps It Up

It was entertaining, out there, but warm and welcoming.  Memphis Wrestling does that, just delights week after week, not many Wrestling promotions do that. Memphis Wrestling is special.

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