Memphis Wrestling Ton Up Tune Up!

Yes, Happy Birthday To Ya, Happy Biiiiiiiiiirthday! Well, actually, this isn’t the Memphis Wrestling 100th episode, that’s next week and the Griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind City Rumble, but there are 3 weeks of celebrations to come; this was the tune up.

And what a tune up, it certainly got fans Rumble Ready.

Justin Cole Is Back!

One half of former Memphis Wrestling Tag Champs Memphis Muscle, Big Swole hasn’t been seen for a while and it didn’t take him long to defeat Storybook Prince Gaston.

Gaston spent more time remonstrating with a fan than he did in the ring, he couldn’t get past the power and fell to a Swole Slam.

And after…

#1 Rumble Winner Claim

The Mackenzie Morgan Mystery

Mackenzie was left lying a few weeks ago and last week on Memphis Wrestling TV she attacked Jimmy Blaylock, putting him to the floor, and Dangerous/Dirty Diana Taylor.

And here she is to tell us about it. Except there isn’t much to tell; she doesn’t know who it was and tells us it could have been a man.

Hang on, why did she attack Taylor last week then? The plot thickens (if there is one…)

Sucks To Be Colton Cage

There’s Jimmy Blaylock, vertical this week and with his sweet dog Vegas whom he informs us has an enmity towards poor people  – now then Jimmy, she can’t speak for herself, but I reckon I saw her hanging around the pound last week…

Jimmy can’t keep his thoughts to himself, rags on K-Toomer, who comes out and does 2 things;

#3 Rumble Winner Claim

Wants a match. And Jimmy throws Colton Cage at him, figuratively of course. Not only that, Blaylock made another claim earlier…

#2 Rumble Winner Claim

And didn’t name Cage, no, he bigged up Van Viscioussssssssss; Cage was right there, so that must have hurt.

Memphis Wrestling's Van Viscioussssssssss

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88

But not as much as that back elbow from Toomer. Actually, Cage got him down with a High Cross Body and smacked a knee into his face, not many do that to K-Toomer.

But one almost sloppy Pop Up Cutter and Big Bang Slam later and he was done. Sucks to be Colton Cage.

Ooh, Matching Hoodies!

And Uncle Mikey was doing OK in his attempt to capture the Memphis Wrestling Internet Championship, the belt, still bearing the spray paint Aaron Roberts and Justin Case added weeks ago, currently round the waist of Tim Bosby.

This was a rather good match, mat working to start with, Bosby working on the arm but Mikey coming back with a head scissors, so that when the champ hit a headlock, it was in context.

And then Mikey hit a lovely reverse Surfboard and rocks him gently, but also painfully. What a lovely German Suplex from Bosby though, with really good extension.

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88

After Mikey hit the Gator Feet and a rather clunky but successful topé, he went to the top.

And then Main Event Bradley (doesn’t work, needs to be a B, Bigtime Bradley perhaps?) arrived in a duck egg blue silky hoodie with a mate who we didn’t know but he did.

Perhaps Mikey was distracted by the sight of this new bloke wearing exactly the same sort of duck egg blue, silky hoodie as Brad, but Bosby took advantage, hit a wicked Ripcord Lariat and retained the Memphis Wrestling Internet belt.

Memphis Wrestling matching hoodies

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88

#4 Rumble Winner Claim is Aaron Roberts and Justin Case in an alleyway; hang on, did he say Moose would be there?

Mike Anthony versus Bret Michaels

Next week, isn’t it? On Episode 100? For the Memphis Wrestling Heritage Title. And this should be fabulous, because their previous matches certainly were.

Bret spoke to us from a gym, Mike both gym and alleyway, but his promo was extraordinary, based around how, when we put off our new lives until tomorrow, he wins today- his promos have been a joy for a long time.

And Your Main Event

The Posse v Team Wrestlecenter

Memphis Wrestling Tag Champs the Posse even kidnapped Santa last Christmas, they’re that heinous, whilst Team Wrestlecenter won the Trios titles with Big John Dalton recently so Derrick The King and Ray Ray Sanders are hopeful of adding the belts.

Memphis Wrestling Tag Team champs The Posse

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88

But The Posse? As the excellent Dustin Starr and Terrence Ward tell us, Mister Chris – Put Some Respect On That Man’s Name – has never wrestled with anyone else but Simon in the Posse and although Team Wrestlecenter might hit a smirk double Hiptoss, they lack the ring gamesmanship of the opposing team.

Example? Simon choked Sanders from the apron, the ref upbraided him which gave Chris the opportunity to choke him in the corner too.

And the best move of the night was Simon feeding Ray Ray’s own Memphis Wrestling merch t-shirt to him – Dustin reminded us that it looks better than it tastes…

Memphis Wrestling merch

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88

And those Tag Team smarts were on show for the ending too; Ray Ray is the least experienced in the ring, so how to isolate him? Take Derrick The King’s crown – he carries it everywhere, he’s bound to want to chase it, and he did, leaving bigger man Simon with Ray Ray.

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88

A nasty Powerbomb and crank on the neck later and the Posse were victorious. The crowd didn’t expect that and were silent; this is the strength of Memphis Wrestling, they didn’t need to explain properly overegg. It sustains and that’s due to the the great Memphis Wrestling entertainment. And listen to this, on 4th February evening show;

‘Meet WWE Hall of Famer Bushwacker Luke!

Bring on Episode 100…

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