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House Of M: The Comic That Made The Scarlet Witch

The House of M comic is an iconic one within the pantheon of Marvel comics and more specifically the history of the X-Men. It introduces us to the full power of the Scarlet Witch, and when she’s dealt with a problem she makes a scary decision. How does this all end? And how does it relate to her recent story arc in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness? Let’s talk through the House of M comic.

Overview: House Of M

The overarching story is the Avengers and the X-Men sees the teams trying to find a way to cure Wanda of her madness. With opinions divided on if she should be killed or not they decide to go to Genosha to find Wanda only for her to be missing. The story focuses on Magneto and his dysfunctional relationship with his children, Wanda warps reality to her kind of heaven and the only Superhero who knows how everything is supposed to be is Wolverine who gets the team back together to stop her. Magneto decides to pummel his son to death with pieces of metal and this is where Wanda goes haywire.

And How About That Ending

House of M is a comic book that has a scary ending. When Wanda realizes what her dad has done she goes crazy resenting the fact that mutants exist calling them freaks. Then with a whisper from her mouth, most of the Mutant kind got wiped from existence or lost their powers completely. What was this whisper? Let’s talk about it.


The Scarlet Witch uttered three words that would change the Marvel Comic Universe forever, “ No More Mutants” and with this whisper from her mouth, all of the mutant-kind was erased from existence. After making mutants at the top of the food chain and seeing what her dad did she erased the whole mutant gene. While the mutants would rebound and come back knowing that the Scarlet Witch could change reality with a whisper from her mouth shows how strong this witch truly is.

house of m no more mutants

How Could It Translate To The MCU

So how does this translate to the MCU? Well after the events of Multiverse Of Madness, Wanda could soon live in a world where Mutants start to threaten the people she loves and might have to do this again. Or what if Wanda changes the phrase and says “All the Mutants” and introduces the X-Men into the MCU. Whatever happens next the future of the MCU seems to be based around the Scarlet Witch and her instability.

How Far Would You Go To Be Happy?

So how far would you go to be happy? To have everything you’ve ever wanted and when you have it, are you truly happy?

That’s the overarching story in this comic book is Wanda and Magneto trying to do what’s best for their family without hurting the people they love and the new family they’ve made. In the end, Wanda makes the heartbreaking decision to wipe out the family that she thought was there to take care of her but actually just wanted to harness her power. She believed she couldn’t be loved and it drove her to make the worst kind of decision, to rid the universe of Mutants.

So how far would you go to be happy?

So How Does the House Of M Comic Relate To Multiverse of Madness?

In Conclusion, House Of M has its problems but it’s still a good memoir on instability and trying to fit in until it drives you to insanity. I love how Multiverse of Madness showed how Wanda is willing to do anything she needs to get what she wants and make her version of a perfect universe, whatever that might be. A universal fact is that the only person that can defeat the Scarlet Witch is the Scarlet Witch herself and that no matter how much you try to help the people you love or get them to see ur point of view maybe it’s better to cut them off completely as the Scarlet Witch did.

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