Revenge Porn and Cyberbulling
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The Fall of v12 and Azohez

We’re going to take a break from the funny stuff for a bit and talk about something that needs to be addressed.  

Cyberbullying and Revenge Porn

Not only is Cyberbullying an absolute asshole thing to do, but it’s also illegal.  So is “revenge porn”, two things we’re going to discuss in this article.  Trigger warning, this is going to be dark.  No jokes, no light-hearted humor I like to sprinkle in, nothing humorous.  This is going to be dark and discuss a lot of things, you’ve been warned.

This article is going to discuss a man named Azohez.  I will not publish any of his RL info, despite him being an absolute sack of shit, do not dox him, as tempting as it might be.  That’s also completely illegal. Besides, his downfall has already begun and is spiraling down.

Who Is Azohez?

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This person started a gaming org earlier this year called v12, along with two other people who I won’t name, because they’re good people.  This whole saga started when Azzhole came to a friend and me asking for us to help him bring down someone that had gotten him suspended previously on twitch. 

Right away I got the feeling that this guy was shady, and man was I ever right.  I told my friend I had a bad feeling about Azzhole from day 1, and I never trusted him.  From day 1 I had a bad feeling, and my feelings about people are very rarely wrong.  A few days passed, and we were both asked to join his upcoming gaming org called v12.  My friend and I both declined because I just plain didn’t trust the guy from the start.  

Fast forward a few months, Azzhole was dead to me, and I had forgotten his existence.  Until Mid-September.  A scroll on Twitter showed a very half-assed apology for Azzhole treating a girl poorly.  I was intrigued, and also laughed at this obvious cookie-cutter apology, and I started to investigate the allegations.  That’s where this all begins.

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He wants to never repeat them, yet to this day he still is repeating them

The Victim Of His Cyberbullying

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Her name is Kifzu, she’s a twitch affiliate, she’s 20, absolutely gorgeous, and she is the victim of Azzhole’s cyberbullying.  Not just that, she’s a victim of him threatening revenge porn against her.  Now, revenge porn is a bit of a gray line, and people may or may not know what that means.  It varies state by state, with only Wyoming, Mississippi, and South Carolina not having laws on file for revenge porn, which is odd.  

We’re again not outting anyone, so in my state, Wisconsin, our laws are very specific. Scroll down to the highlighted area 942-09 where it discusses it.  Basically, Wisconsin considers it a felony.  So Azzhole, in Wisconsin at least, is committing a felony.

revenge porn

As I said, I started doing some research, and I found Azzhole had threatened to send Kifzu’s nudes out to people.  Should he actually do it, in Wisconsin at least, this would be a felony, despite the map saying either or, the law clearly states felony.  But it doesn’t stop there.  While he was posting his half-ass fake cookie-cutter apology, Azzhole was also in twitch chats messaging people telling them he would post them.

“I don’t want to, but I will,” he said in one such message.  

If he didn’t want to he wouldn’t be offering everyone.  This escalated to the point that Kifzu had to go out and post a video explaining her side of things, after Azzhole and his merry band of personal fluffers kept posting things like “Lul way 2 go m8” “GG Az u da man” “Dude U rule!”

This is not ok.  Not one bit.  You don’t do this kind of shit.  Thankfully, Azzhole is the spineless bitch that most are that are all “lul I send ur nudes” and never back it up.  Mainly because he knows if he does, that’s a federal offense in Kifzu’s state.  At least I hope somewhere in that dimwitted idiot mind of his there’s a brain, god only knows.

I see this shit all the time.  The Twitter account, @ask_aubry, deals with it all the time.  “Nice guys” that turn toxic the minute the girl says no to them.  Men who go from “You’re so beautiful!” to “OMG FUCK YOU, STUPID FUCKING BITCH!” when you blow them off.  This is why women don’t answer DM’s.  Honestly, I fully expected Kifzu not to answer mine, but thankfully she did and knows she has an ally in me and a lot of other people out there, including the owner of this website.  Anyways.

The Complexity Of The Situation: Azohez Tries To Plead His Case

This shit escalated and escalated to the point he even did a “stream” where he “told the truth”.  But the only “truth” he told was he had pedophilia tendencies, and he’s an absolute moron.  But let’s back up a second because I want to clarify something.  I said pedophilia tendencies.  I am not calling him a pedophile, that is a very, very serious accusation. 

What I mean by this is Azzhole has, on more than one occasion, admitted he likes girls “young.”  I’ve hunted and hunted to no avail, but once when I was in his stream, he actually outright said “under 18.”  Anything under the age of consent is pedophilia if you act on it.  However, pedophilia TENDENCIES mean you show traits of a pedophile, but have not, to the person’s knowledge, acted upon it.  You could say someone looking up say, “rape fantasy” could have rapist tendencies, but they are not a rapist unless they act like it.  They only display traits of one. 

So again, for all the snowflakes and the one person inevitably who will run to Azzhole telling him about this article, I am NOT calling him one, I am saying he has TENDENCIES.  Chronophilia is a complex subject that encompasses many different subsets of attraction from those that are morally and lawfully wrong, to those that are legal. Ephebophilia is the attraction to people between the ages of 15 and 19 which seems to be what he has admitted to here.

So his stream, his “Truth” stream, was basically him mumbling incoherently like a drunk into the mic, like someone fumbling for words and “proof” of her so-called “Transgressions” against him.  However, the parts I’ve seen of this stream prove absolutely nothing.  What they prove is that he had no proof, at all, and that he was either drunk or had no idea what he was saying.  Typical behavior of a cyberbully being confronted.  They aren’t used to it.  They expect you to roll over and take it like a bitch.  

She didn’t.

He showed a ton of out-of-context screenshots, some not even related.  He used her trying to commit suicide as making himself out to be her savior (Spoiler, he wasn’t).  Absolutely disgusting sick behavior from this kid.  His claims escalated and he didn’t back off her.  But one thing happened I’m sure Azzhole didn’t expect.  Kifzu fought back.

Kifzu Fight Back Against Cyberbullying & Rape Culture

Kifzu fought back against Azzhole, in one of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time.  She explained her side (“Here’s your fucking medal” and throwing an actual medal, I was dying).  She took actual parts from his so-called video and broke it down, telling her side of things.  Her video was very well done, and exactly what a rebuttal should be.  It’s sad that at 20, this happened to her. 

She’s such a fantastic girl from what I’ve come to know, and if you know me at all, you know I do my research.  I don’t just jump in and take a side.  I sat back and watched this unfold for days before finally speaking up.  This article alone took several days to put together while I stopped and did more research. 

Now, did I talk to Azzhole?  Fuck no, dude’s a piece shit.  The best part of all this?  He knows he’s wrong.  He knows he’s busted.  He hasn’t posted a thing since September 15th, and Mr “Positive impact” has been unusually quiet.  That’s what happens when a bully gets called out.  They don’t know what to do, and so they run off tail between their legs crying like the little bitch they are.

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“Positive Impact” never comes from a cyberbully

So he wants a “Positive impact”, yet he performed a hostile takeover, threatened to send a girl’s nudes out, and hooked up with another girl who probably has no idea about this while claiming to love Kifzu, but he wants to be “positive”.

Bullies never win, Azzhole.

It’s a sad state of affairs when someone does stuff like this.  She’s out here trying to make it with a new team, trying to live her best life, and some guy comes in and gets her nudes, which yes, she shouldn’t have shared, but as they say, hindsight is 20/20.  Then he basically blackmails her by threatening to post them, and then, on top of all this, keeping them and still threatening to send them even after you’re with a girl?  That’s messed up man.  Please, go seek psychiatric help.

Helplines & Support for Victims of Cyberbullying & Revenge Porn

Here at Lace ‘Em Up we fully support the victims of Cyberbullying and Revenge Porn, with some of our team having experienced or known people who have experienced this in the past. We want to include as many links and numbers that will help if you are experiencing this kind of harassment. Remember, always speak out and speak up, and if you ever need to talk we are here as are your friends and family. It is time to take a stand and make our voices heard.

United Kingdom Helplines & Support

 Citizens Advice Information on bullying and harassment (including in the workplace) and advice about options for taking action

Family Lives Website and in-depth advice on bullying (including at university). The service also provides live chat and a helpline

ACAS  The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) resources regarding discrimination, bullying, and harassment at work.

National Bullying Helpline  Information and advice for anyone dealing with bullying. Telephone 0300 323 0169

National Stalking Helpline  Offering advice for victims of stalking. Telephone 0808 802 0300.

Ditch the Label – Bullying support Hub – A range of support articles, information, and resources – webchat and support forums available.

Victim Support  Support, advice, and information to victims of crime and traumatic incidents. Telephone 0808 1689111

Digital Stalking Guide A guide to technology risks for victims. Published jointly by Network for Surviving Stalking and Women’s Aid Federation of England.

Revenge Porn Helpline supporting support, advice, and information to adult victims of intimate image abuse. Telephone 0345 6000 459 Tuesday – Friday 10am-4pm. 

Speak Up & Stay Safe(r): A Guide to Protecting Yourself From Online Harassment ( A Guide to Protecting Yourself From Online Harassment. 

Disrespect NoBody (UK Government):  includes support advice and information on sexting in addition to relationship abuse, consent, sexual violence, and harassment. 

Get Safe Online information about online safety 

United States of America Helplines & Support

Attorney General’s Cyber Exploitation Task Force – Part of the State of California’s Department of Justice, this website offers the resources to combat cyber exploitation.

Crash Override – A network of individuals assisting victims of online abuse, including image-based abuse. Includes do it yourself guides and an interactive cybersecurity helper.

Cyber Civil Rights Initiative – A non-profit organisation serving thousands of victims around the world and advocating for technological, social and legal innovation to fight online abuse.

HeartMob – A non-profit organisation working to help end online harassment. It has a secure and moderated platform for people who have experienced image-based abuse to tell their story.

UNDOX.ME – A website that gives information to victims of image-based abuse, including how to issue DMCA take down notices.

Without My Consent (WMC) – A non-profit organisation that has developed educational materials on online harassment, as well as a resource guide ‘Something Can Be Done!’ to assist victims of image-based abuse. WMC also trains lawyers, law enforcement and advocates on online harassment.

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