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AEW Rampage: Bandito & Takeshita Shine In The Main Event

AEW Rampage is coming to you from Washington DC and the Capital One Arena with four great matches on the card. We have Will Osprey back, after his vicious attack on Kenny Omega on Dynamite, and teaming with his United Empire brethren against Best Friends and Rocky Romero. Taya Valkyrie is also in action as is Mark Brisco. The main event sees Konosuke Takeshita facing off against Mexican sensation Bandito.

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The night starts off with the Best friends, representing Chaos, facing off against the United Empire. Trent and Chuck Taylor are teaming up with Rocky Romero tonight and this is such a great match for this trio, as they all get to show off and remind everyone why they are some of the best wrestlers in this company. United Empire are no slouches with Kyle Fletcher yet again proving why he is one of the best young talents to come out of Australia and the British independent scene. Jeff Cobb is a powerhouse foiling his opponents at every turn and then we have Will Ospreay who always delivers and the crowd loves him tonight.

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Taya Valkyrie is looking to get a win against Trish Adora tonight and get a chance to challenge Kris Statlander for the TBS Championship. Adora is from Whaington and has slowly been becoming one of my favourites in the last few years, she appeared at the TJPW show in LA this year and you need to see it. This match is a lot of fun full of power and faced paced action. Taya gets the win here and looked incredible.

The Hardys and the Gunns will be facing off against each other on Dynamite next week and I am very excited about it. Having these two teams face off against one another should be lots of fun and Jeff Hardy has been doing so well since his return. Hopefully, this will magnify into a big storyline for both teams.

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The next match has got a lot of backlash from fans before it has even happened but I’m excited for it. We are seeing Jay Lethal Jeff and Karan Jarret face off against Mark Brisco, Papa Brisco and Aubery Edwards. You know it’s going to have some great wrestling but this is also about just having fun, sometimes pro-wrestling doesn’t have to be serious. It’s just a good time and a mess but the crowd loved it and so did I, this is one for if you feeling a bit blue and need a laugh.

AEW Rampage Main Event Hits New Heights

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Konosuke Takeshita Vs Bandito is our main event tonight and what a match. Takeshita has been on a roll and fully embracing this darker side of himself since teaming up with Don Callis. Bandito is one of the most compelling and well-rounded young wrestlers to come out of Mexico in the last five years. I think it’s great that Rampage has become the lucha show and getting to see these guys show off so many different styles from Mexico is lots of fun.

This is such a great main event, it starts off slow, which is saying something, but picks up and gets faster and more frantic as it goes on. There are so many near falls and spectacular moves that will take your breath away. Takeshita get’s the win here but Bandito put on one hell of a fight.

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