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‘We are proud to announce that #MemphisWrestling will premiere on Action News 5 Plus beginning Friday, September 1, 2023, at 11 PM. Memphis Wrestling will then re-air on Saturday at 12 PM, in its traditional timeslot.Many historic memories from classic Memphis Wrestling took place in the studios of Action News 5. Our partnership with Action News Plus promises not only a nostalgic journey down memory lane but also marks the dawn of an exhilarating new era for pro wrestling fans worldwide, emanating from the Memphis Wrestling WrestleCenter.’

As PW Insider reported. When Dustin and Maria Starr brought Memphis Wrestling back a couple of years ago, it was instantly attractive as a link back to the Saturday morning Wrestling family feel that I love(d) so much.

The matches seemed to take place in a dining hall, and it was great to see them move to their own Memphis Wrestling Wrestlecenter.

And they have established themselves and grown ever since, bringing in tasty guests like Tommy Dreamer and Lance Archer, creating well-known Memphis Wrestling performers of their own, some we knew from the last promotion run, many new from the training centre.

That’s the sign of a healthy promotion.

And at the centre of it The Desk, positioned either side of the two dressing rooms (heel and face, of course), all interviews taking place in front of it and behind The Desk, Dustin Starr, Memphis Wrestling head honcho and moral centre – all successful 80’s Wrestling promotions had them, Lance Russell and Dave Brown in Memphis, for instance. Starr is there to comment on the heinous, terrible, but never too morally questionable heel antics and face successes.

The angles are wholesome family fun and keep the fans coming back.So for this special show, what did Memphis Wrestling give us?

The Show

What they’ve been doing for years. Why meddle with a successful set up?

The champ is here!

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

Get Heritage champ Bret Michaels out so we can see who the champ is, after the new titles of course, which showed champs as correct at start of programme (hint, hint).

Those titles also have the phrase ‘Keeping The Tradition Alive’ embedded; Michaels certainly kept his tradition of dealing with claimers to his belt quiet as he pinned Van Vicious with his Gunshow Lariat despite taking Jimmy Blaylock’s cane to the face – he held VV up in the vertical suplex position for seemingly hours too.

Next, get the main heels of Matt Whathisname and Storybook Prince Gaston out and to double down on the crowd delight, pit them against local wrestling hero Big John Dalton.

Memphis Wrestling fan fave Big John Dalton

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

And shock the crowd by having him lose from a storybook shot to the face – an actual storybook, Gaston passed it to Matt and it looked like a pretty thick tome.

Later, we’ll have the excellent tag team of Gio Savage and Draco pulling a good match out of huge Aaron Roberts and brother Cordell of the Roberts Family Legacy.

Even before it got going dad Red, a former Memphis Wrestling star himself, launched himself into a nasty looking Clothesline, but Draco actually took the fight to the big men, a ‘Rana taking Aaron off his feet.

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

But eventually the Roberts Family Legacy showed their power. Draco off the top, caught and dropped disrespectfully, then Gio caught and given the brutal chokeslam/powerbomb for the inevitable pin.

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

It’s a Family affair and a rather impressive one.

Guest Time!

Memphis guests usually excel, which may be because of the excellent atmosphere. Here Dirty Dango, or WWE Fandango as a lot would like to call him, produced an excellent piece of work.

He went round the crowd, took a sign professing love for Dango, asked if it was made specially by a young female fan, then ripped it up. That’s great heel work.

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

As is saying he thought Nashville was a dump until he came to Memphis and also saying of his popular opponent Mikey that he wasn’t wrestling a homeless man…That great work continued into their match.

Apart from some comedy shenanigans with Mikey and ref, with the the wrestler trying to tell the official he was out of there, Dango didn’t like being bested on the mat and bailed to break the momentum.

He stopped that impetus too when Mikey was punching him in the corner by dropping him throat first over the top rope; that would stop anyone.

Plus he knows his wrestling, after Gator Feet and a Shining Mikey, he regrouped on the outside and smackes his opponent who had the temerity to shape up for a dive.

After a nasty-looking Dango Eurinagi on the apron though, Mikey suddenly rolled him up for a very well-supported pin.

Rather good, entertaining Wrestling.

Your Main Event

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

Women’s champ Nyxx had Matt and Gaston’s help when she put McKenzie Morgan through a table at their title match contract signing a couple of Memphis Wrestling weeks ago.

Now she was here to fight Morgan, who she fully expected not to show through injury.

Great wrestling work here.

The ref counted.

Morgan’s music played.

She didn’t appear.

The music started again.

And she appeared.

Would have been even better with rule of 3 observed….

McKenzie has bandaged ribs and those bandages are pink – nice touch; can you buy pink bandages or did she dye them herself?

Now, certainly Morgan’s Facebuster has more air than the one from Nyxx, but you cant deny the lovely DDT from the champ.

And after a little two and froing, Gaston distracted the ref and Matt Whathisname hit Morgan on the back of the head with the belt.

Well, that’s that-

Kick out!

And the ending was extraordinary. They used to be friends, so Morgan and Nyxx had a hug mid ring, which Morgan turned into a slam for the pin.

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

And new!..

Memphis Magic

It was fun. It was entertaining. It was easy to get into. It was the perfect episode to welcome new fans in.

I reckon they’ll stay for years.

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

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